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This comedy sketch will resonate with anyone who's ever had to work for 'exposure'

“My exposure is through the roof! I’m getting so many unpaid job offers, I don’t know what to do.”

foilarms3 YouTube YouTube

MOST PEOPLE WHO’VE been in the job market over the last ten years or so will have a very visceral reaction to the word ‘exposure’.

As in ‘paid in exposure’. As in ‘we will give you no money, but you need the experience to get a job that will pay, so’. Shudder.

This new sketch by Foil Arms and Hog takes the whole idea of unpaid work and brilliantly turns it on its head:

Foil Arms and Hog / YouTube

Between Facebook and Instagram I have almost 324 followers, so this is an exciting opportunity that could lead to future plumbing jobs! Most of my friends have toilets.

Too. Real.

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