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# going out

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# bank holiday scenes
There was an epic singalong when this boat passed the Spanish Arch in Galway
# On a Roll
The Brunch Daiquiri has just been created and it's the pinnacle of Irish cocktails
This is it. It won’t be beaten.
# tangled up
A pub in Dublin has added THAT Tangle Twister cocktail to its menu
And it looks class.
# kilronan
Here's why Joe Mac's is the only pub to be in on a sunny day in Inishmore
One pint with a view.
# boilermaker
This brand new Dublin bar is bringing a new 'beer and shot' trend to Ireland
Introducing the boilermaker.
# beer delivery
This not a drill — Deliveroo is now doing booze deliveries
For when you’re just not in the mood to go to the off-licence.
# dumb and dumber
A British tourist got his tongue stuck to a beer tap in this Dublin pub
Ice, ice baby.
# need to know basis
11 things the world needs to know about Irish pubs
The manifesto.
# Bars to Blow Your Mind
Sean's Bar in Athlone has been named one of the best pubs in the world by Lonely Planet
# the e street inn
A Bruce Springsteen-themed pop-up pub has opened especially for his Dublin gigs
Just in time!
# taste of your youth
The Woo Woo is the retro cocktail we need back in Irish pubs
And we have First Dates to thank.
# beer garden
Here’s why Gings bar in Carrick-on-Shannon is the best place to be when the sun's out
Would you look.
# obama style
This gas Roy Keane mural has been unveiled in Dublin in time for the Euros
# Power Hour
Doug from House of Cards hit some classic Dublin pubs over the weekend
# quiet one
The front snug in Toners is simply one of the best spots for a pint in Dublin
# Pubs
A mysterious new pub with no name is opening in Dublin 7 this weekend
The lads who brought you Dice are testing a new pub.
# the blue light
Here's why this pub in the Dublin mountains is just the best place to be on a sunny day
Some views.
# every wednesday
11 memories of Antics in Crawdaddy that will bring you right back
The premier Dublin night of the mid to late ’00s.
# Best in the World
16 things that could only happen in Irish pubs
Can’t beat them.
# in da club
A desperate lad wrote to his local nightclub after losing his ID, and they had the best response
“Judge Judy is that you?”
# deveneys
One of Dublin's most beloved off-licences has closed after 107 years, and people are devastated
Deveney’s of Rathmines announced the news last week.
# cocktail hour
A new bar has opened in Dublin and its cocktails are pure eye candy
# cork like
Murphy’s is the most underrated pint in Ireland and needs to be celebrated
One, please.
# going out
A wonderful Bill O'Herlihy mural has been unveiled on the wall of this Dublin pub
What a tribute.
# We'll leave it there so
A wonderful Bill O'Herlihy mural has been unveiled on the wall of this Dublin pub
What a tribute.
# spice bag social
There's a 'spice bag party' happening in Dublin next month and it looks UNREAL
Dreams DO come true after all.
# Killarney
13 things anyone who has been out in Killarney will understand
It’s a fine old place.
# on your flute
This gas story from a Dublin nightclub's jacks is taking over the internet
An Aran jumper, a flute and a tin whistle.
# Trinity Ball
14 things anyone who has ever been to Trinity Ball knows to be true
The baaaaall.
# see ya all in coppers
Here's how Coppers celebrated its 20th birthday last night
Happy birthday, Coppers!
# the fear
7 of the most fear-inducing things Irish people have done when drunk
Oh God, the FEAR.
12 signs that prove Irish pubs are the wisest in the world
So much wisdom.
# pure notions
Somebody scrawled the most Irish insult onto the wall of this Dublin pub's jacks
They don’t like the new direction it’s going.
# Eurovision
This Dublin cinema is screening the Eurovision live and hosting a fancy dress party
Attendees are encouraged to dress as their favourite country.
# Copper Face Jack's
14 of the most Coppers things that have ever happened
See yiz in Coppers.
# magic
Dublin is getting a new 'mythical themed' bar called Magistorium
A legend is born.
# sesh
10 people you're likely to meet at every Irish session
14 things all Flannery's regulars know to be true
Long live Flannerys!
# fizzy
There's a new 'skinny' prosecco, and here's how you can get it in Ireland
Mother may I.
# wine o'clock
9 things everyone does when ordering wine in a restaurant
“I’ll have your second cheapest wine, please.”