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How NOT to eat your eggs this morning
You think you know eggs? Think again.


Some love them, some loathe them. Even the most ardent defenders of the noble egg will admit that sometimes they can be super gross.

But we didn’t realise just how gross eggs get. Spoiler: they get pretty damn gross.

Egg on a stick

The Rollie Eggmaster opens up a horrible world of lollipop eggs that we didn’t want to know existed.

Hell Tech News/YouTube

Nightmares. This video will give you nightmares.

Eggs on a stick will only bring us to bad culinary places, like the Japanese loaf of egg. Shudder.

via Imgur

Eggs in pasta

Carbonara? Yes. This? No.

via Imgur

Look at that eggy face. Grinning away. Daring you to eat it. Get away, egg!

Over-egging it

Eggs in sambos are dodgy territory at the best of times, but this really brings the whole situation to new gross heights.


Egg nog

Egg nog is a disgusting concept. It’s a sweetened egg-based drink, with added cream or milk and some booze (brandy, rum, whiskey, vodka or whatever you’re having yourself).

Even the word. “Nog”. It hardly evokes delicious refreshment or comfort.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Scotch eggs

A hard-boiled egg, wrapped in sausage meat, coated in breadcrumbs. Who comes up with this stuff? And could they stop?

Image: Flickr/fifikins

Raw egg shakes

Even the incredible hard-ass Rocky can’t make raw eggs look good. Surely there’s a better way to get your work-out going than raw eggs.


Where do you stand in the Great Egg Debate? For or against?

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