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13 problems only insomniacs will understand

Shout out to anyone who’s become convinced they’re a terrible person at 3am.

1. Wondering what’s wrong with you

Source: Alyssa L. Miller

2. Calculating exactly how many minutes’ sleep you’d get if you became unconscious right at that moment

Source: Foodie In Disguise

3. Your thoughts getting a bit… weird

Source: daBinsi

4. Feeling more alone than you’ve ever felt in your life

Source: markcbrennan

5. Becoming inexplicably angry at anyone who is asleep, up to and including your own partner

Source: Mulling It Over

6. All that thinking you need to do? Now is a good time.

Source: inspector_81

7. Thinking about… whatever

Source: JuditK

8. Considering all the terrible errors you’ve made in your life to date

Source: Schmirn

Source: Carlos Martz

9. And drawing conclusions from this

Source: virginsuicide photography

10. Becoming obsessed with the arrangement of your bedclothes/bedroom/home

Source: Fire At Will

11. Just becoming obsessive, really

Source: Martika G

12. Not being able to sleep because you’re too busy worrying about not getting enough sleep

Source: Jayel Aheram

Source: Alyssa L. Miller

13. And finally, Twitter.

Source: Martika G

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