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Trouble sleeping? You're not alone, but there are tools you can use to help yourself
Mental Health Occupational Therapist Michelle Murray highlights many of the causes of insomnia and offers some tips to help you avoid those sleepless nights.
# insomnia
'I couldn't sleep properly. I'm not Superman' - Brazil boss feeling the nerves ahead of Argentina showdown
Two of South America’s heavyweights meet in a Copa America semi-final tonight.
Men jailed for importing almost £50 million worth of drugs into the UK
The pair were involved in the importation of cannabis and a drug used to treat insomnia.
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12 tweets you will relate to on an emotional level if you know the hell of insomnia
Tick, tock, tick, tock.
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'My cancer gave me a life check': Bobby Kerr on why he left Insomnia Coffee
It was hard for the businessman to step away from the company he spent 20 years building.
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'It's a bittersweet day for me': Bobby Kerr is leaving his Insomnia coffee business
Over the last 20 years he has built the company into one of Ireland’s biggest coffee chains.
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Profits at the country's biggest independent coffee chain have passed the €2m mark
But losses at Insomnia’s UK division quadrupled last year.
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Minister speaks to Insomnia and Supermacs about reducing use of disposable coffee cups
With cross-party support, the Green Party’s Waste Reduction Bill made its way through the Dáil.
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Insomnia has just launched a new slushie based on the Brunch ice cream
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There's now a special 'Netflix' full of boring videos for people who can't f**king sleep
There’s even a Mass video which should prove extremely effective on Irish people.
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12 problems only hardened night owls will understand
Morning always comes too soon.
# can't get no sleep
The 7 ways your stupid brain keeps you awake at night
Which is your personal hell?
# can't get no sleep
13 problems only insomniacs will understand
Shout out to anyone who’s become convinced they’re a terrible person at 3am.
# gsoc
Insomnia Coffee's response to the GSOC scandal is absolute PR genius
Finally, this scandal has a winner.
# Controversy
Shatter: "No evidence at all" of surveillance of GSOC
Shatter said that he has received more information on the accessing of the wifi at the GSOC offices.
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The 8 types of tiredness we've all experienced
Current status: all of the above.
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How bad a sleeper are you? Take this quiz to find out...
OK, you don’t get much sleep. But where on the scale are you?
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Which of these bad night's sleep sound familiar to you?
From the early riser’s fear to the nighttime jerks, sleep has many enemies.
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All the reasons why being unable to sleep is THE WORST
When you’re SO TIRED but you can’t sleep.
It is spreading across Ireland - but what exactly is suspended coffee?
Suspended coffee is the slightly clunky name for a cheap good deed which has been spreading across Ireland. Here’s what it’s all about.
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The guide to going to sleep
Let us soothe you into a magnificent sleep this Thursday night.
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10 ways that drinking too much coffee can destroy your body
Back away from the cappuccino – it’s trying to kill you.
# spoonz
Is this the coolest old man ever, and the best video ever?
Playing the spoons along to Faithless. Amazing.
# Ford FAI Cup
Sleepless night ahead for Saints stopper Murphy
The St Patrick’s Athletic goalkeeper admits he will be tossing and turning with thoughts of the Ford FAI Cup final.
Column: Bobby Kerr – We need to promote our Irishness
The Dragon’s Den star explains how his own firms reached the brink of failure, and what that taught him about supporting Irish business.
# Work
66 per cent of Irish commuters work overtime - impacting their personal lives, says survey
Mircosoft assembled to survey to highlight the role that cloud computing could play in helping people to enjoy the personal and professional benefits of a more flexible way of working.
# Jobswatch
Insomnia to open 15 new franchises and create 100 new jobs
The Irish-owned coffee shop already has over 60 outlets on the high street.
# Twittersphere
Take it easy, Bubba! It's the sporting tweets of the week
Rob Kearney reveals his love for Sweet Valley High, and Bubba Watson seemingly attempts to thank everyone on Twitter.
# Dilemma
The burning question*: Do you need a top sheet as well as duvet cover?
This and every Monday, let distract you from the ‘serious’ news with one of life’s REAL dilemmas. (*not really)
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Infographic: Why you should get more sleep
Your health, your mood and your sex life are all affected if you don’t catch enough shut-eye.
# Sleep
A cure for insomnia could be on the way
The discovery of an enzyme that regulates the sleep-wake cycle could help researchers to develop a cure for insomnia.
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Be a swinger: Seven of the strangest sleep tips from science
Swinging in a hammock is the best way to take a nap, new research shows. Here are some other unusual suggestions that might help catapult you into the land of Nod.