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12 things Irish women would like Irish men to know

Jeans, beards, farts, feelings.

DEAR MEN (AND interested women) of Ireland.

We’ve heard from the men, and now it’s time for the gals to have their say.

We asked a selection of Irish women was they’d like Irish men to know about them.


1. There really is no perfect way to answer “does this look good on me?”

We’re basically asking “can you make all my insecurities disappear please?”. The safest bet is “you look beautiful. You always look beautiful”.

IMPORTANT: If you haven’t been asked how she looks, think long and hard before giving an opinion.


2. Irish girls have a thing about shoes

Not just their own shoes, but yours too. Buy nice ones.

10476007_739723432733430_8833740298803798781_n Fbcdn Fbcdn

And while we’re at it, just say no to bootcut jeans. We know all of you might not be graced with gazelle-like thighs, but please… the bootcuts… have mercy.

3. We really don’t mind where we’re going to eat tonight

Can we just pick somewhere? Please?


4. Don’t ever compare us to your mother.

And don’t get said mother to try and teach us how to make ‘the brown bread he loves’. It’s not happening.


5. No, we can’t explain why we watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians

But we will never stop loving it. And Khloe’s our favourite.


6. We love cuddly

Six pack, six schmack. A little paunch is irresistible.

7. Hormones are a bitch, sorry

But only WE may mention/blame them. Thanks.


Oh, and say “ooh is it that time of the month?”. Go on. I dare you.

8. Being very, very, very drunk doesn’t transform you into an accomplished seducer or a ‘gas ticket’

Similarly, shouting to us from a car or van is unlikely to lead to a great romance.

sarcasm Wordpress Wordpress

9. Your hair looks good no matter what you do with it

We’re jealous of that. You also look great in just jeans and a tshirt.

Three piece suits are also irresistible. The waistcoat. We can’t explain it. Throw in an open bow tie and…


10. Feminists don’t hate men AND feminist men are hot

Case in point:


11. We like you with or without the beard. You’re lovely

We’re just joking about dumping you if you shave it off. And the bit of ginge is highly endearing.

Beard @ Crookes, Sheffield Flickr Flickr

12. Yes, we can like computer games. And Firefly. And football

And we fart. Deal with it.

L7pZLTs Imgur Imgur

Anything we left out? Have at it in the comments section…

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