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# burgerlicious
The deep-fried mac and cheese burger is the latest to melt hearts
Figuratively, and possibly physically.

HOLY MAJOLEY.  THIS time that we’re living in is truly a special one, for it is a time of burger one-upmanship.

Of late we’ve had the ramen burger, the test-tube burger, the spaghetti burger and loads more, and now there is the deep-fried mac and cheese burger.

Borne out of Chicago’s Rockit Bar & Grill, this burger is called the Mac Attack.  It’s essentially a normal burger, but instead of a bun, you get deep-fried patties of macaroni and cheese.

No word on the calorie count or nutritional value, but you can be damned sure it ain’t good.

Fancy salivating for a good half an hour?  Check out the restaurant’s Facebook page.

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