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You'll definitely find these things mildly infuriating

These things will make you ever so slightly raging.

THERE ARE SOME things in life that don’t warrant a full-on freak-out, but still grind our gears.

These are the things we call “mildly infuriating”.

Running out of space on the page

Feels pretty foolish.

Source: DailyEdge.ie/Fiona Hyde

A packet not opening

See also: mildly harming yourself on a stubborn hard plastic packet.

Finding a loose thread

Especially in public when you have no access to scissors, but can’t stop pull-pull-pulling at it.

When someone opens crisps like this

Or upside down. Also deeply, deeply unacceptable.

Sauce opening like this


Sets being out of alignment

Makes you itch just looking at it.

Seeing someone taking two parking spaces

Selfish, that’s what it is. Selfish.

 When something leaks in your toiletry bag

Not quite bad enough to get properly angry over, but annoying enough to be mildly infuriated – definitely.

What do you find mildly infuriating? 

H/T and images via our current favourite subreddit Mildly Infuriating

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