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The 9 most awkward moments in your day

Why do bad things happen to good people?

1.  When someone’s holding the door for you…

… and you’re a tiny bit too far back, so you have to start jogging.

pasive Imgur Imgur

2. Waiting for negligible change 

If you don’t take it they might shout after you. If you hang around for it you look like a scabby sod. Lose/lose.

3. Walking in the wrong direction

We all know that the solution to this is to pull out your phone, pretend to read a message, frown a little, and turn around.

What did they do in the days before mobile phones? Doesn’t bear thinking about.


4. When your friend introduces you to someone, and then leaves you alone with them

You should probably just get some new friends.


5. When there’s food laid out, but nobody’s eating it

It could be the nibbles in someone’s house, or delicious cakes someone’s brought into work.

You don’t want to make a beast of yourself and be the first one to chow down, but how long do you wait?


6. When someone looks over your shoulder at your computer…

… and you’re looking at Facebook in work/g-chatting skank talk about them/doing anything you’re not supposed to be doing.


 7. When you go for a handshake/high five, and it’s not reciprocated

Just move to another country. It will make things easier on everyone.


Pro Bowl Hanging Five

8. When you experience a door fail

It says ‘PULL’ right there, look.

door Imgur Imgur

9. When you put a kiss at the end of a serious text/email

You are not alone.

Irish lads ask unsuspecting people extremely awkward questions>

Never, ever let your friends book your train tickets>

Rihanna is being sued… by an Irish man>

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