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A mam wrote her husband this unsparing letter before leaving him with the kids for the weekend

“Dearest husband, I wanted to go over a few things with you before you embark on this weekend alone.”

THIS IS MEGHAN Maza Oeser, a mother of six from Illinois.

13051746_10208534757513966_972800348165961927_n Source: Facebook/Meghan Maza Oeser

Last week, Meghan headed off on a ‘girls’ weekend’, leaving her husband Kevin at home with the kids – and by the looks of things, she really deserved the break.

In a hilariously brutal letter posted on Facebook, she informed her husband of the “pure hell” that awaited him while she was away. Dinner is an ordeal:

Dinner will suck. Bailey will want pizza, while Harper will ask for hotdogs. Quinn will cry if you say the word hotdog, and will insist on mac’n'cheese (but not the orange kind or the white kind, the purple kind)… Everyone will eat cereal for dinner.

13516444_10209019472831546_878821658027751795_n Source: Facebook/Meghan Maza Oeser

But bedtime isn’t much better:

Pyjamas. F**K pyjamas. Don’t even ATTEMPT anything but a nightgown for Penny. She’ll ask for her Minnie Mouse nightgown, but once you put it on, she’ll scream in agony because the sleeves are clearly ripping her f**king arms off.
As they lie in their beds, they’ll then realise that their tiny mouths are on goddamned fire, and they’ll act as if they’ve just walked 800 miles through the Sahara. They will come down, one by one, every five minutes, for water. Don’t let ANYONE use Quinn’s pink Elsa cup, or she will lose her holy sh*t.

“Just in case you wanted to get anything done this weekend, good f**king luck,” she concludes. “Kisses, The Wife.”

To cap it all off, this was the photo Meghan attached to her rant:

13880169_10209377118172456_158202177500693543_n Source: Facebook/Meghan Maza Oeser

The profanity-ridden letter obviously struck a chord with other parents on Facebook – her post has been shared almost 60,000 times.

You can read the whole thing here, if you can handle the stress of it all. We don’t know how she does it…

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