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8 of the most sexy Irish aphrodisiacs

Oh baby.

CHOCOLATE? CHILLI? WATERMELON? Or maybe even an aul fresh Irish oyster?


We all know the real Irish aphrodisiacs are more likely to be found lurking within the confines of a stuffy nightclub. Here are what we reckon gets Irish people in the mood the fastest.

1. The strobe lights in Coppers

Glinting off their sweaty forehead. Swoon. Be still, my disco-beating heart.

Source: Flickr/Atomic Taco

2. The National Anthem

Feck! They’re playing it already! Time is running out. In the same way hunger is the best sauce, desperation is a great aphrodisiac.

Source: Imgflip/Flickr/ralpe

3. Discovering you have at least 50 mutual friends

Sure, you couldn’t be getting it on with someone unless you knew about three hundred of their friends and at least seven cousins.

Source: Flickr/ChodHound

4. Getting it in (a round, that is)

The opening bars of Barry White play softly as they toss their silky hair, turn slowly and ask you… what you’re having yourself. You had me at, “It’s my round.”

Source: Visitor90visitor

5. Road frontage

You… have road frontage? Excuse me, I need a minute, I’ve come over all flushed.

Source: Fran Marshall/Irish Farmers Calendar

6. Knowing all the words to Joxter Goes To Stuttgart

“It was in the year of ’88, in the lovely month of June…”


Source: TiocfaidhArLa1967

7. Killer dance moves

Alright, so your beau might have the moves of a slightly worse for wear uncle at a wedding. And yet, it’s strangely irresistible.

Source: Comicvine

8. Being kind to the Mammy

It’s not quite animal magnetism, but any Irish person will swoon when seeing the object of their affections treating their Ma with the respect she deserves.

What’s your top Irish aphrodisiac? Let us know in the comments. Keep it PG now. We’re blushing enough already.

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