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The trailer for Sherlock season four is here and it is INTENSE

Why is it not 2017 yet?

SHERLOCK FANS: STOP what you’re doing and watch the new trailer for season four.

sherlock Source: YouTube

A sneak peek at the ‘darkest season yet’ premiered at Comic Con last night, although we won’t see any episodes until 2017.

The clip offers us glimpses of a very strained-looking Sherlock, Mrs Hudson giving Mycroft what for, and a new villain, played by Toby Jones.

It’s enough to get fans of the series very excited:

Source: Sherlock/YouTube

This frame in particular is getting some attention for looking extremely like the back of (the supposedly dead) Moriarty’s head. Could it be?

moriarty Source: YouTube

Sherlockians are, unsurprisingly, going mad. WHY DO WE HAVE TO WAAAIIIT?

As well as the trailer, three of the stars of the series have dropped clues about the season in the form of three names:

Fans have already figured out that ‘Sherrinford’ is the name of the eldest Holmes brother, whom Mycroft referred to at the very end of the third season – but who are the other two?

We have to wait at least six months to find out…

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