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What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About You?

Are you the Spoon, the Burrito, or the Downward-Facing Sprawl? Find out in here.

DID YOU KNOW that the way you sleep speaks volumes about your personality? Because it does.

Don’t worry though, because using science and psychology* we’ve figured out what these common sleeping positions say about the sleeper.

(*Disclaimer: This study is about as unscientific as it can get.)

The Spoon

They're spooning! SPOONING! - Imgur Imgur Imgur

If you grab on to your significant other and refuse to let go until morning, you’re a bit clingy and may have a fear of being alone. You should probably relax a bit.

The Burrito

My girlfriend likes to roll him up into a kitten burrito - Imgur Imgur Imgur

You appreciate life’s comforts, and why not? You also have a very precise blanket-tucking and rolling method to ensure maximum warmth. Only the best will do.

The Hokey Pokey

20614628 Memegenerator Memegenerator

If you sleep with one leg in, under the blankets, and one leg out to keep cool, you’re probably a practical person who’s well able to handle a stressful situation. Good on you.

The Vampire

shutterstock_122733202 Shutterstock Shutterstock

Are you Dracula? You’re definitely Dracula.

The Starfish

starfishsleep Nic Gibson / Daily Telegraph Nic Gibson / Daily Telegraph / Daily Telegraph

You’re fiercely independent and not about to let any other person get in the way of your good night’s sleep. God help anyone who has to share a bed with you.

The Prayer

shutterstock_101104012 Shutterstock Shutterstock

Order is important to you – you might consider yourself a little bit of a perfectionist. So what? Your routine matters.

The Saturday Night Fever

saturdyanight Hollywood Revue Hollywood Revue

One arm tucked comfortably under your pillow, the other flung casually towards the other side of the bed – you’re not afraid to have a good time, but you know when you gotta snooze.

The Dancer


Are we human, or are we Dancer? You’re energetic and full of life, even when you sleep. You could wake up upside down, sprawled diagonally across the bed, or completely tangled in your sheets. Anything can happen.

The Downward-Facing Sprawl

Sprawled out pug - Imgur Imgur Imgur

You don’t appreciate any interruptions to your Me Time, and most people are afraid to get on the wrong side of you. Can be combined with The Burrito for ultimate “LEAVE ME ALONE” power.

The This Guy

Медведь в свитере / YouTube

You’re drunk. Let’s hope you have friends that’ll put you in your rightful bed, or you’ll be very sorry in the morning.

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