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# along came a spider
This guy willingly put spiders in his mouth to try and disprove an urban myth
Distressing, but reassuring at the same time.

WE’RE ALL VERY familiar with (and terrified by) the study that says humans eat at least eight spiders in their sleep per year.

It’s horrific! How could we ever forget it? *Note for arachnophobes: You may not want to scroll any further.

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Shane Madej of BuzzFeed Video decided to get to the bottom of it once and for all, and enlisted the help of ‘spider handler’ Diana Terranova to test out the study.

Terranova brought her spiders (agh) and put them on Madej’s face to see if any of them would happily crawl into his mouth.

spidersleep YouTube YouTube

Only one (a large huntsman) was willing to even go near his chompers.

Do we really swallow eight spiders in our sleep every year? Maybe. But which is worse – unknowingly swallowing them, or having them scurry around your face?

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