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The burning question*: Do you store cups upside down or not?

This and every Monday, let TheJournal.ie distract you from the ‘serious’ news with one of life’s REAL dilemmas. (*not really)

WE KNOW HOW you feel. The week looms ahead and you have a lot on your plate.

So do like we do here in TheJournal.ie HQ and get stuck into a serious debate on one of life’s most pressing questions…

This week: Remember the fun we had over the cupboard/press dichotomy a few weeks ago? Being the argumentative types in TheJournal.ie HQ, it sparked a new row about how we store the ware/delph/crockery (there’s another row in the making) that goes on the shelves.

One of us thinks that in a kitchen cupboard/press, ie, one with a door on it, that cups and glasses should be stored…

A. This way up…

(via nosha/Flickr.com)

…while others of us think they should be stored…

B. Upside-down.

(via Chrissy Polcino/Flickr.com)

What do you think?

Poll Results:

A - Right way up (1744)
B - Upside down (578)
C - Can't we all just get along? (141)

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