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11 things only people who get terrible hangovers will understand


IT’S A GODDAMN curse. Solidarity.

1. First of all, it doesn’t really matter what you drink

It could be two pints, it could be a naggin, it could be six Jagerbombs… The outcome will not vary too much.

2. Having strange aches and pains in your shoulders, legs, neck… hell, everywhere

giphy Source: Giphy

Was I dancing very enthusiastically? Did I get in a fight? Nope – it’s just the mystery of the hangover.

3. Securing painkillers before the event

Solpadeine-Plus-Soluble-Tablets-2865 Source: Chemistdirect

You can’t just wait and see if you need them or not in the morning. You can’t take that chance.

4. Knowing you must write off a whole day post-party

When you're being rolled into a purrito but you're not quite sure how to feel about it Source: Instagram/bambijus22

No plans can be made. No chores can be attempted. It’s just you, the hangover, and the Sex and the City box set.

5. And despising anyone who asks you do do something

Summed up Friday morning after a mad work night #ill #dying #hungover #somessy

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Parents up for the weekend? How dare they ask you to brunch when you should be in a blanket burrito, sweating.

And god bless you if you have to WORK.

6. Having special ‘hangover clothes’ to ease the process

#saturdaynight #saturday #weekend #watchtv #chill #arhome #comfyclothes #relax #tea #tealover Source: Instagram/olaayyaa

Everything is soft, oversized, and elasticated for comfort.

7. Not eating for ages because you feel rotten…

tumblr_inline_msrzicthbW1rh8l18 Source: Tumblr

8. …Then getting ravenously hungry at around 3pm and dying for grease

How many takeaway menus do I actually need through my letter box. This is a joke. I have a new one everyday. #takeaways #takeaway #menus #takeawaymenus #stoppostingshit #stoppostingmenus #FUCKOFF Source: Instagram/chrisyraf

9. Having a standard hungover takeaway meal you order every time

The shame the delicious, delicious shame #spicebag

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10. Not having any sympathy when your mates cry “I’M DYYYINNNGG”

christraegerdyingdieddead Source: Photobucket

This is the morning after every night out for us. Welcome to the club!

11. Giving up and going to bed at 10pm, praying that tomorrow it will be over

hungover Source: Imgur

Because you never know. It could well be a two-dayer.

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