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11 times Topshop made us question the concept of fashion

Is everything all right over there, guys?

WE LOVE YOU, Topshop, but you’ve taken some strange turns. Very strange.

1. These…hooves

‘Hairy Harry’. No.

2. This skirt-within-a-skirt situation

topshopwot Source: Topshop


3. This attempt at bringing the horrific skirt over trousers trend back

skirtjeans Source: Topshop

We’ll never do it, Topshop. Especially not double denim.

4. And this attempt at returning octopus trousers to their former glory

Some things are just better left alone.

5. These tracksuit bottoms that made us grab our hips in despair

greenruffles Source: Topshop

*whispers to hips* We’d never subject you to those ruffles. We promise.

6. These jeans with knee windows

Entice the boys with a sexy flash of… knee.

7. And these ones with hip windows

Who decided this, how did it get past their supervisors, and why.

8. €390 for your nana’s jumper

pullover Source: Topshop

9. This top made out of odds and ends

C0NAY7qW8AAiQ4J Source: Twitter/@ovopierre

You can’t convince us that your shortage of materials is ~fashion~, Topshop.

10. “Oh hi! No you’re grand come in, I was just painting the front room.”

miniskirt Source: Topshop

 11. And finally, these

“Get well soon Seamus love Aoife.”

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