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work b***h!

Let's play... work Christmas party bingo

Is your workplace’s Christmas celebration coming up? Why not play our specially tailored game of Bingo and spice it up.

‘TIS THE SEASON for the work Christmas party, and across the country excitement is mounting for the annual exercise in company wide festive spirit.

If you’re lucky, you’re looking forward to what will be a great night.  For some people however, it’s not something to look forward to.

So, to ensure that you can all have a bit of fun at your work Christmas party, we give you work Christmas party BINGO!

Screen shot 2013-12-10 at 10.43.06


Drunk boss

Listen, it happens.  We’re not judging, but if you see this, not only should you mark your card, but you should also make a beeline in the opposite direction.

Drunken boss conversation rarely ends well.

Awkward conversation

You know how it is.  Mark from accounts gets stuck beside Jen from IT which would be fine but they have nothing in common.

You’ll know them by the repetition.  ’The place looks great doesn’t it?’  ’But sure doesn’t the place look fantastic.’  ’Didn’t they do a great job with the decorations?’


Some gas ticket thought it would be hilarious to throw some mistletoe up and and mortify everyone unfortunate enough to end up underneath it.

Boring speech

Screen shot 2013-12-10 at 11.45.41 torbakhopper torbakhopper

There’s always a microphone, there’s always a speech, and frequently is a bore.

Slurred speech

This doesn’t have to include a microphone.  If you’re having a chat with someone and their last phrase was, ‘Shure I’m noshgonna shay  anythingshanyway…’, mark your card.


Jagerbombs! RyAwesome RyAwesome

Someone will suggest them, it’s inevitable.  Whether you partake is up to you.

Discarded Kris Kindel present

Alas, not everyone will be happy with their Kris Kindel present, so when you see one cruelly discarded on or under a table, mark your card.

If you’re having trouble spotting this one, look for the gift giver’s hurt expression.

Someone asleep

Probably in the corner, probably surrounded by people taking ‘hilarious photographs’ with them.


Said Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road... permanently scatterbrained permanently scatterbrained

This may be official karaoke, or it may simply be someone commandeering the microphone and going hell for leather.

Cocktail sausages

No evening work event is complete without a cocktail sausage!

Party piece

You didn’t know that Martin from Human Resources could rap Ice, Ice, Baby from start to finish, but you do now!  When your colleagues start breaking out their unique talents, mark your card.

Surprising extrovert

h8QRxtP Imgur Imgur

You know this one.  They’re the person who sits quietly at their desk all year around, barely speaking a word aside from a polite hi or goodbye.  Come the Christmas party, they’re the one standing on a chair leading the crowd in a rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody.

There’s a lot to be said for the surprising extrovert.

Discarded heels

Yeah, they look good, but can they be worn for more than an hour?  No.

Eye rolling


This might be prompted by the boss’s speech, or perhaps the party in general.  One thing’s for sure, a cynical eye roll can be found at any office party.

Office talk

If you spot two people having an in depth talk about a work matter, mark your card.

Imitation champagne

Let’s be honest, you’re lucky if there’s any free drink at the party, however, if there’s champagne, you can be pretty sure it’s not the real thing.

Toilet chat

Where is the best place to have in depth conversation?  The toilet of course!

If you spot two people having the chats in the porcelain palace, you’re one step closer to shouting HOUSE!



Hopefully it’s just drunken silliness, and not actual heartbreak.

Fairytale of New York

An essential ingredient for any Christmas soirée

Someone falls over

Drinks + high shoes = falling over.

Tie around the head

peterme losing his mind peterme peterme

There is something within the psyche of the Irish male which means they simply can not resist this practice when suited and booted and partaking in a few beverages.

Future regret

You’ve just spotted the intern burning the ear off the CEO.  That’s future regret, friends.


The less said the better.


Ill-advised flirtation

Hopefully the parties involved are single and work in departments far enough away from each other that they won’t be forced to feel awkward about this for an excessive period of time.


Taxi Row Light Trail, Dawson Street, Dublin Kris Van de Sande Kris Van de Sande

Someone is sent home in a taxi before the night properly starts.  Mark your card.

Good luck worker bees, may the odds be ever in your favour!

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