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Dublin: 4 °C Thursday 18 January, 2018

Chats - Tuesday 2 January, 2018

Women in Hollywood have started a new initiative to fight sexual harassment within all industries

The group has already raised millions of dollars that will provide financial legal support for women fighting against harassment and abuse in their workplaces.

Chats - Monday 1 January, 2018

17 upcoming books by women to read in 2018

Hup the gals.

Here are 10 predictions for 2018 that were made by a chihuahua named Spider

Just checking if my dog is some kind of prophet.

Chats - Sunday 31 December, 2017

20 blockbusters you won't want to miss in 2018

You want superhero films? You got ‘em!

What Career Path Should You Follow In 2018?

Please do not actually follow any of this advice.

12 properties that sum up what a grim year 2017 was for renters in Dublin

Because no grown adult has ever said “I’m willing to pay €500p/m to sleep in a bunkbed”.

Someone sent a kebab into space, and it's strangely majestic

One small step for kebab, one giant leap for kebab-kind.

Chats - Saturday 30 December, 2017

17 truly joyful things that happened in 2017

The little moments that made us smile over the last year.

16 things you probably used to do for fun on the internet

Back when time online was precious.

Chats - Friday 29 December, 2017

11 of the most notions Christmas leftover recipes

What’s wrong with the humble turkey and ham pie?

Pick A Decoration And We'll Give You An Old TV Show To Watch During the Holidays

Pick A Decoration And We'll Give You An Old TV Show To Watch During the Holidays

Time off can get boring very quick. This will keep you busy.

How Well Do You Remember The Top Songs Of 2017?

Time to put your memory to the test.

Stop giving famous men credit for changing their own children's nappies

“Isn’t he very good?” Sure but he’s just doing what mothers do all the damn time.

It's time we admit that it's impossible to actually have a great night out on New Year's Eve NYE This post contains a poll

Chats - Thursday 28 December, 2017

A plea to Irish media: stop giving airtime to devil's advocates and trolls

A plea for fewer shouty debates in 2018.

31 excellent memes that took over 2017

When things are bad, turn to memes.

8 fashion choices your mam just cannot get her head around

Have you been hearing any of this over the past few days?

Here's why it's ridiculous that Bono has been complaining about music becoming 'very girly' U2

Screech from Saved By The Bell plays Harvey Weinstein in a bizarre new music video

This definitely wasn’t a sentence you expected to read today.

Chats - Wednesday 27 December, 2017

'It makes them feel like they're not forgotten about': The group tackling period poverty in Dublin

The Homeless Period Dublin is ensuring that women who are homeless or in direct provision don’t go without sanitary products.

50 Irish women who absolutely killed it in 2017

(Might be slightly more than 50.)

10 of the most ridiculous products that people bought in 2017

Let’s hope everyone comes to their senses in 2018.

Here are 15 albums you can look forward to bopping to in 2018

It’s looking like a bumper year for music.

Chats - Tuesday 26 December, 2017

Which Irish Weather Forecaster Are You?

*Music from the Avonmore ad before the weather plays*

Here's how slime-making took over YouTube and Instagram

The bizarre trend has taken over.

Chats - Monday 25 December, 2017

Here are the books some of our favourite faces read and loved in 2017

Plus some picks of our own.

What time do you have your Christmas dinner at? Christmas This post contains a poll

What time do you have your Christmas dinner at?

1pm or 7pm? Or anywhere in between?

Chats - Sunday 24 December, 2017

8 things that get boring very quickly on Christmas Day Zzz

8 things that get boring very quickly on Christmas Day

Roll on Stephen’s Day.

Chats - Saturday 23 December, 2017

An investigation into what qualifies as 'Christmas clothes'

Y’know. To wear for the dinner.

7 lovely Irish Christmas videos worth checking out on the RTÉ Archives

There’s a video of an Irish child in 1967 asking Santa for bullets and a knife.

Chats - Friday 22 December, 2017

Why Piers Morgan's obsession with Emily Ratajkowski is just plain old sexist

“It’s creepy and paternalistic to tell a woman what she can and can’t wear, and it’s cynical to use photos of her to try undermine her feminism.”