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Which Love/Hate Character Are You?
Take this quiz to find out.
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A definitive ranking of the most shocking Love/Hate deaths, from worst to best
Needless to say, this article contains spoilers by the bucketload. Beware.
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Last night's Love/Hate: Dead cats, Nidge's arse, and fizzy orange
Your essential Love/Hate recap in 23 simple steps.
# Love/Hate
You can now buy a Love/Hate Darren floor mat
Or at least, you’ll be able to soon. (SPOILERS IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN SERIES THREE.)
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Robert Sheehan speaks about his role in the new series of Love/Hate
He also shows off his mean spoon skillz.
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New Love/Hate images released ahead of season 4 premiere
There’s a gang of undercover cops on Nidge’s tail!
# no hass
Story, Fran... What's going on in the Season 4 teaser for Love/Hate?
“It’s help I need, not hassle,” the polo shirt aficionado tells two bemused men. After reciting a campfire song.
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An essential Love/Hate translation guide for UK viewers
They asked for subtitles, so we gave them subtitles.
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Love/Hate looks set to be a big hit in the UK
The Guardian has called it “Ireland’s answer to The Wire”.
# big willy style
Yes, we've rated the Love/Hate lads' penis size
We’re classy like that.
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Love/Hate's writer has revealed the fate of Darren!
# Spoiler Alert
Is Darren back in Love/Hate? We examine the evidence
We predicted he’d be back. Were we right?
# Stateside
A US remake of... Love/Hate?
But who would play Nidge, Darren and the lads from the criminal underworld?
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12 things we can expect in the new series of Love/Hate
Parenting tips, animal-print underwear and the Real IRA crochet club: we’ve got a few predictions for season four.
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Love/Hate season finale: 7 questions we want answered
The big issues – and the small ones – that the final episode left hanging. SOMEBODY HELP.
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Love/Hate parody Twitter accounts: Your essential guide
All the way down to Aido’s dead budgie.
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Last night's Love/Hate: Hair loss, love hearts and Jägerbombs
Plus, why garda√≠ are like The Wire. Everything we learned from last night’s episode.
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Last night's Love/Hate: Sexting, mammies and topless tapping
And when will Darren get the ride? Everything we learned from last night’s horrorshow.
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PLAY: The Unofficial Love/Hate Drinking* Game
*For use with minerals or tea. We’ve all got work in the morning.
# love hate
Last night's Love/Hate: Fat rabbits and a baby in a brothel
Our nerves are gone. What did we learn from episode three?
# TV Recap
Lessons from Love/Hate: Fish tanks, Bambi eyes and bad parenting
Includes the most sinister pigeons in Irish TV history. (Spoiler alert)
# Love/Hate
Last night's Love/Hate... in diggers, kegs and tweets
Did you watch last night? Are you still a bit shook? (Minor Spoiler Alert)