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A retail worker got a €2,500 payout after claims he was subjected to a 'beard vendetta'
The man said his employer broke workplace laws in its ‘punitive action’ against him over his facial hair.
Fighting cancer with funny moustaches: "We were not the norm. Cancer is very serious and we were not serious"
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A gift with all the trimmings.
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It’s a no from us.
Sorry, beard aficionados -- a study has found that beards are as 'dirty as toilets'
Those beards contain all different types of bacteria, you know.
This athlete just won the prize for most hipster beard ever
It’s a look anyway. You can’t deny him that.
Irish lads with beards -- your scruff may be costing you Tinder matches*
According to completely unbiased research*
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8 conflicted emotions we all experience during Movember
We know it’s for charity, but…
Irish beards are something special, says owner of new 'Lovely Beards' website
And beards all over the world, in fact.
11 of the worst grooming mistakes we were guilty of as teenagers
Why didn’t anyone SAY anything?!
New York hipsters have created a beard transplant boom
Yes, we did say beard transplant.
Two thirds of Irish women want you to shave off your beard
Blasphemy, we say!
Beard association want to bring the World Beard Championships to Ireland
Beard-owners and beard-lovers, your time has come.
WATCH: Men describe what it's like to have a moustache
It sounds, frankly, majestic.
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It is designed to make us look and feel silly.
Beards for the beardless is the best hashtag around
Jessie J! Margaret Thatcher! The Queen! They’ve all got beards!
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Here are the men who are all about their facial hair.
The latest male must-have: the moustache implant
Around 250 clinics in Istanbul alone are vying for clients who want a more virile, bewhiskered look in Turkey.
Big Mo: Our favourite sporting soup strainers from Movember 2010
Jamie Heaslip set the charity facial hair bar last year, but there were plenty of other commendable efforts. If you’re looking for inspiration, look no further.