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# fifty shades
Peter Dinklage gave Jamie Dornan a helping hand when it came to Fifty Shades
What we’d have given to see this.
# world of celebs
James Corden has his very own 'playroom', so he invited Jamie Dornan in for a look... It's the Dredge
One order of celebrity dirt, coming up.
# wee bag
Jamie Dornan had to explain what 'wee' means in Northern Ireland to Jimmy Kimmel
‘Wee’ as in ‘small’. Not as in ‘urine’.
# Say Cheese
The mortifying bathroom selfie Jamie Dornan spoke about on Graham Norton has been found
It’s as glorious as you’d expect.
# razzie awards
Once again, Jamie Dornan has been nominated for Worst Actor in his Fifty Shades role at the 2018 Razzie Awards
Here are all of this year’s Razzie nominations.
# darker
13 truly incredible lines from the new Fifty Shades book
Including some lessons in food hygiene! (Extremely NSFW, in case you didn’t already know.)
# fifty shades
The Dublin Fire Brigade tweeted a pretty risqué warning to Fifty Shades fans
Ohhh er.
# fifty shades
A charity shop received so many Fifty Shades of Grey donations, they built a fort
The state.
# uproar
Eason stores told to separate 'Grey' and Graham Dwyer books after backlash
Photos appeared over the weekend of displays which had the books side-by-side.
# Bedtime reading
Fifty Shades of Grey has made us all mad for ... reading
What did you think we were going to say? Filthy minds.
# grey
A new version of Fifty Shades of Grey is on the way... here's what we know so far
Oh… goody.
# mcilroyvdornan
Jamie Dornan and Rory McIlroy had a kick about together and it was everything
It’s the ladsladslads.
# Erotica
This book series could be the next Fifty Shades of Grey
The author just signed a $7million deal.
# pay rise
Fifty Shades of Grey producer doesn't think Jamie Dornan deserves a pay rise for the sequel
Soz, Jamie.
# serial thriller
Five things we know about the third season of The Fall
Yes, it’s coming back.
# fifty shades
DCU student election hopeful channels Fifty Shades of Grey for campaign video
His tastes are more… societal.
# fifty shades of grim
So this Fifty Shades of Grey starter kit exists in Wexford...
ALL you need to seriously injure yourselves.
# Oh dear
Pub faces backlash for 'misogynistic' Fifty Shades of Grey gaffa tape joke
Oh. Oh dear.
# the thirst is real
A woman was arrested for pleasuring herself during a Fifty Shades screening
It was inevitable. We all know it was.
# caught rotten
This man got caught going to see Fifty Shades of Grey alone, and his reaction is wonderful
Who, me?
# ah feck off
'You dirty bitch!' - Belfast granny is not amused by talk of Fifty Shades of Grey
“I’m sure grandad did it back in the day to you”. “Bloody sure he didn’t!”
# Love is in the air
It's happened... someone has proposed during a Fifty Shades screening
Whoever said romance is dead, was lying.
# Quiz
QUIZ: Who said it... Glenroe or Fifty Shades of Grey?
Family farm or room of pain?
# filth
Limerick boasts best Father Ted-style Fifty Shades of Grey protest yet
Is that a rosary in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?
# Careful Now
Nuns (including one pregnant one) protest Fifty Shades screenings in Sligo and Reading
God bless us.
# 50 shades of shite
Irish man's hilarious 50 Shades admission on Graham Norton
He declared that they were “shite”.
# 50 shades of spoilers
21 honest thoughts I had while watching 50 Shades of Grey
“Does Jamie Dornan ever blink?”
# Careful Now
Father Ted style protest outside Wexford cinema showing Fifty Shades of Grey
It has finally happened :’)
# aphrodisiac
Excellent Fifty Shades of Grey mix-up on Sligo radio
“There’ll be a lot of haemophilias out tonight”.
# fifty shades of red
The London Fire Brigade are tweeting people's mortifying sex incidents
Fifty Shades of Morto.
# knobber you
Here's Fifty Shades with the rude words replaced with Irish place names
“He sticks two Stillorgans into my ring of Kerry”.
# whoops
School accidentally hands out Fifty Shades of Grey word search to children
# caution
This was spotted in a Dublin cinema yesterday...
Fifty Shades of Grey is upon us.
# cheap drills
Are Irish DIY shops stocking up on Fifty Shades bondage props?
Get those cable ties before it’s too late.
# fifty shades bai
Jamie Dornan read Fifty Shades of Grey in a Cork accent on Jimmy Fallon
Music to our ears.
# really hard ware
B&Q ask staff to read Fifty Shades of Grey to prepare for queries about cable ties and rope
# so show me
This amusing Fifty Shades of Grey meme is probably better than the film
Look, it’s just a fact.
# Cold as ice
Everyone is talking about this horribly awkward Fifty Shades of Grey interview
Because it’s SO DAMN AWKWARD.
# fifty shades of smut
Here's all the sex you will (and won't) see in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie
What’s out, and what’s in. So to speak.
# dornan's organ
Here's what Jamie Dornan did with his willy during Fifty Shades of Grey
The Down man has revealed all.