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11 ingenious solutions all lazy people will covet in the kitchen

Never think in the kitchen again.

WE CAN’T COOK, but we might be able to if we got our hands on this stuff.

They’ve done everything for you, bar eat it.

1. This pasta bag, that comes with a bag of water

YjwS7T8 Source: Imgur


2. This microwave with a toaster

qqxrHLn Source: Imgur

For the perfect beans on toast, every time.

3. This toaster that enables you to select ‘a bit more’ time

9Xc5Rv5 Source: Imgur

4. A cooking spray that measures servings in time

tzCl9Z7 Source: Imgur

5. The coffee cup that tells you how long it will stay hot for while driving…

gEHj4jB Source: Imgur

6. This frozen food has instructions on both the inside and outside wrapping

11bBYJv Source: Imgur

Because we all know we’ll throw one in the bin before we start cooking.

7. This noodle soup, that offers cooking time based on how you like the texture.

sSJguCW Source: Imgur

8. This birthday cake knife that comes with a match

JccIMnn Source: Imgur

9. The chewing gum that has post its  to spit it out in

tqgxQPR Source: Imgur

10. The pasta packet that gives you precise measurements

Should be standard, to be honest.

zWSWZ7Y Source: Imgur

11. Basically, instructions should be as specific as absolutely possible

ssaaxQl Source: Imgur

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