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Naomi Campbell isn't having a bar of those Liam Payne rumours anymore's The Dredge
Come get your celeb dirt.
# Girls Aligned
Nicola Roberts says some of the reporting of Cheryl's and Liam's split has been misogynistic
According to Nicola Cheryl is ‘on the mend’.
# Cheryl
Cheryl is having none of the rumours about her mam causing her split with Liam Payne
Straight to the Notes app for her latest statement.
# Cheryl Cole
Cheryl Cole and Liam Payne announced their split on Twitter last night
The couple were together for two and a half years.
# daily fresh
Liam Payne has been talking about the difficulties of being a dad and it's really sweet
He said he was unsure of where his place was in the family at the start.
# no f*cks
Liam Payne put up an insanely cringey photo on Instagram and people are roasting him for it
Scarlet for Cheryl tbh.
# Liam Payne
Jason Derulo's uncle picked up Liam Payne in an Uber and they had a great laugh together
This taxi driver’s day was made.
# the boy who lived with cheryl cole
Everyone on Twitter thinks Liam Payne looks like Harry Potter in his new glasses
You can’t help but feel that these people have never seen Harry Potter before.
# One Direction
Which One Direction Solo Career Are You?
Niall? Zayn? Harry? Liam? Louis?
# oh baby baby
Liam Payne says he's 'completely in awe' of Cheryl after the birth of their baby boy
Bless. Happy Mother’s Day, Chezza!
# no payne no gain
The story of Donald Trump 'kicking One Direction out of his hotel' has captivated the internet
Seems… harsh.
# world of celebs
Liam Payne posted a topless selfie and fans went nuts... it's The Dredge
All the best of the day’s celebrity dirt.
# world of celebs
One Direction's Liam Payne denied he was 'homophobic' in a Twitter rant... it's The Dredge
All the day’s celebrity FILTH.
# Not happening
One Direction insist that they're not splitting up
“We don’t know where that came from because we’ve got loads of stuff going on”.
# Too soon
Liam from One Direction tried to joke about Zayn leaving, but fans were NOT ready
Directioners are in a very fragile state right now, OK Liam?
# sliotar
Niall Horan featured as a belligerent aul lad in the most Irish video ever
This video was only ever going in, ahem, one direction.
# feel your payne
One Direction's Liam responded to that viral Vine in typically snarky fashion
He said smiling too much “would hurt”. Alright, Liam.
# selfie control
You can tell Liam from One Direction REALLY loves being a popstar
He absolutely loves taking selfies with fans. Loves it.
# world of celebs
Kim and Kanye want to be the king and queen of France... it's the Dredge
… if only for a day. That and all the rest of the day’s celebrity filth.
# wax on wax off
How to get your waxwork done (as modelled by One Direction)
You will need callipers.
# Woof direction
One Direction wearing jumpers and holding puppies
Go on, it’s Monday, treat yourself.
# King or tayto
How many things can you spot on One Direction's TV3 rider?
And they’re on the move again girls. RTÉ beckons…
# Spit on us
Brace yourself RTÉ! One Direction (and their fans) are on the way
The boys are in Dublin for a Late Late Show appearance.
The Dredge: Russell Brand is smooching a Spice Girl
Every morning, we dig through the celebrity dirt so you don’t have to.
The Dredge: Prince Harry has something 'gigantic'
The very best of this morning’s celebrity dirt.
# One Direction
VIDEO: Why One Direction's Niall Horan is no use during childbirth
His real skills lie in the awkward foot-shuffling department, as this TV prank revealed.
# Top of the Pops
One Direction make US history with chart-topping album
The X Factor boys sell 176,000 copies of their album ‘Up All Night’ – becoming the first band from the UK to enter at number 1 with a debut album.
# X Factor
An emulsion-al night ends with glossy finish for painter Matt
Painter Matt Cardle is crowned X Factor champion after beating off competition from Rebecca Ferguson and One Direction.
# The X Factor
So how's this X Factor finale going to work?
No surprise sing-offs this time, we think – instead, a madcap weekend of voting with one person going out tonight.