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8 absolutely mortifying things you're cringing about right now

Here, somebody hold my bag while I DIE OF SHAME.

WE’RE JUST GOING to apologise in advance, because you’re about to nigh on injure yourself from all the cringing.


Now, allow us to set the scene. Remember….

That time you sent a text to the person the text was about

Just burn your phone. Then in five or six years, when the mortification has abated, you can start to live again.

Bashful-Imgur Source: Awesomegifs

When you waved at someone who wasn’t the person you thought they were

“Oh look, there’s Aisling… HIYA AISLING” *waves*

Nope, that’s not Aisling. That’s a stranger. Pretend you were fixing your hair. Nobody will notice a thing.

MRW I remember a really embarrassing moment - Imgur Source: Imgur

That one time you woke yourself up with a fart

It’s okay if you’re alone, but remember that one time you jolted awake to find your significant other staring at you in horror over the top of their book?

Yes, that time.

Trying to sleep and reliving every embarrassing moment - Imgur Source: Imgur

All of those times you tripped up in public

Anytime, anywhere, anyhow this happens, you will NEVER be able to make it ok.

Stop fantasising about people thinking it was cute when you fell, or how funny your recovery was, you’re not Jennifer Lawrence and you never will be.

I love Jennifer Lawrence so much! You guys are just standing up because I fell and you feel bad... that's really embarrassing - Imgur Source: Imgur

That time you put your iPod on shuffle at a supercool party and Michael Bublé’s Crooning Classics came on

Not that there’s another wrong with Michael Bublé’s Crooning Classics, just not at a supercool party when you were hoping for Jay Z or Alt J.

MRW I'm at a coffee house and accidentally unplug my headphones while listening to an embarrassing song. - Imgur Source: Imgur

During your schooldays when you called the teacher “mammy”

You’re amongst friends now.

Remembering That Really Embarrassing Moment - Imgur Source: Imgur

All of those times you tried  to get out of the lift on the wrong floor

If there’s one thing worse than having to share a lift with a stranger, it’s making a move to get out when it’s not your floor, and having to shuffle back in muttering to yourself.

MRW I say something embarrassing to my crush - Imgur Source: Imgur

That time you thought it was safe to ‘let go’ in the office bathrooms, but it wasn’t

Somebody just HAD to walk in at the wrong time, didn’t they?

Well this is embarrassing -Dog - Imgur Source: Imgur

After publicly embarrassing myself - Imgur Source: Imgur

Got any more heartstoppingingly cringey moments? Share them in the comments section, and be amongst your brethren…

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