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Robert Sheehan's in a skirt in the new trailer for his Netflix show and that's all you need to know TBH
Serving lewks as a superhero.
# you
Penn Badgley has done a 180, and said we're meant to be able to identify with Joe in You
Wait now, what?
# Fyre
Where are all the key players in the Fyre Festival documentary now?
Did they survive the shit show?
# fyre festival
The story behind the greatest party that never happened
A behind-the-scenes look at the Fyre Festival has come to Netflix. It’s as bizarre as it sounds.
# Fyre
Netflix's Fyre Festival documentary is out - here's what everyone thinks so far
Revealing the baffling details behind fraudulent festival.
# into orbit
Netflix is making a workplace comedy starring Steve Carell about Donald Trump's Space Force
The show will see Carell reunite with the team behind The Office.
# sci fi
Everything you need to know about the new Irish-produced Netflix series written by George R R Martin
Netflix’s new series Nightflyers was filmed in Limerick’s Troy studios.
# Netflix
Everything you need to know about the new Irish-produced Netflix series written by George R. R. Martin
Netflix’s new series Nightflyers was filmed in Limerick.
# Utah
US teen crashes car while driving blindfolded as part of 'Bird Box' challenge
A Netflix film has led to a viral challenge in which people attempt complete tasks while blindfolded.
# turn up charlie
Can't hack Luther, but need your Idris Elba fix? This new Netflix series might be for you
He’s going for giggles this time.
# Ah here
Netflix tells people to cop on and stop doing everyday tasks blindfolded for the Bird Box Challenge
Videos of people doing the challenge have been widespread since the release of the Netflix show.
Netflix drops satire episode critical of Saudi Arabia
The move was widely denounced by rights groups including Amnesty International.
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Looking for some TV to binge on over Christmas? These shows might have what you're looking for
From comedies to crime dramas, here’s ten different shows
# Massachusetts
Court date set as Kevin Spacey facing charges of alleged sexual assault
It comes after the release of a bizarre video of the disgraced actor in character as House of Cards’ Frank Underwood.
# Netflix Binge
5 foreign-language shows on Netflix you should binge over the holidays
Don’t let subtitles put you off.
# on screen
Hidden Netflix movie gems to watch over the Christmas break
Stop the aimless flicking.
# distract me
Here's 5 suggestions for what to watch over the Christmas period
Here’s a few shows to keep your interest over the festive season.
# Data Breach
Facebook says it no longer lets companies like Netflix, Spotify read users' private messages
Facebook said the partnerships did allow features like “messaging integrations” but nearly all have been shut down over the past few months.
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One of this year's leading Oscar contenders (which has already won a rake of awards) is already on Netflix
So basically, you have no excuse not to watch it this weekend.
# shrill
If you liked Dumplin', you might be interested in an upcoming series on body positivity called Shrill
With Elizabeth Banks as executive producer.
# media plurality
Netflix in the firing line as BAI looks to change how streaming sites suggest content for Irish viewers
The authority launched a public consultation on the proposals yesterday.
# netflix and chill
Hidden Gems: Five under-watched Netflix documentaries that aren't Blackfish
They’ve all gotten over 95 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes.
# the innocent man
Based on the book by John Grisham, 'The Innocent Man' will be your next Netflix true-crime binge
Get it all in over the Christmas hols.
# thirsty for santa
Poll: Are you thirsty for Kurt Russell's ridey Santa on Netflix?
# ps i still love you
Here's everything we know about the To All The Boys I've Loved Before sequel in the works
Ready for a second dose of Lara and Peter?
# Roald Dahl
Roald Dahl's greatest creations are all set to get the Netflix treatment
“Roald would, I know, be thrilled.”
# pick one
Pick a Hot Drink, and We'll Give You a Christmas Movie to Watch on Netflix
Take out the decision making.
# can you believe
Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness is coming to Dublin to do stand-up - here's everything you need to know
All things *truly* keep getting better.
# the princess switch
The Princess Switch is the best terrible Christmas rom-com on Netflix right now
Yes I will be watching it again.
# new research
Suicide: Concerns that Netflix show 13 Reasons Why could lead to 'copycat cases'
The popular Netflix drama has proven controversial, with research around the world ongoing.
# tv picks
What to watch on TV tonight: Wednesday
All the TV to get you through the midweek slump.
# samhain
So, the new Sabrina on Netflix absolutely butchers the pronunciation of the word 'Samhain'
Eh, come again?
# Halloween viewing
5 offerings on Netflix if you plan to scare yourself senseless this weekend
Make the most of the season, people.
# Netflix
Here's what to watch on Netflix while you're ignoring the doorbell this Halloween
Getting up and down every five minutes to trick or treaters? No thanks.
# female directors
8 brilliant movies directed by women that you need to line up on Netflix
There are so many unreal female directors out there, so watch their work.
# the good place
Which Character From The Good Place Are You?
Are you a Chidi or a Jason?
# the haunting of hill house
Here's why everyone is freaking out over The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix
Things are set to get spooky.
# like and subscribe
Are the days of influencer marketing numbered?
With so many personal controversies (and a weary audience) can the practice continue?
# dancing queen
Here's what you need to know about Dancing Queen, your next docu-series binge watch
It’s Dance Moms meets RuPaul’s Drag Race meets fabulous.
# darren is back
Robert Sheehan is finally coming back to our screens in a new Netflix show. Here's what you need to know
We’ve missed you, Robert.