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8 slightly rude things you do all the time

Because inside, we’re all a little bit nasty.

THOUGH MOST OF US try our best to be polite 99% of the time, the mask can slip very easily.

We can forget our manners at the slightest provocation – here are some of the ever-so-slightly rude things we do all the time, without even noticing.

Smiling at dogs, but ignoring their owners

5 Source: Furrytalk

The dogs are so cute! Their owners are so…human.

Sniffing instead of blowing your nose

sniffing Source: Shutterstock

Not only is it disgusting, it’s probably one of the most annoying sounds in the world – but we’re all guilty of it. 

Forgetting to say please and thank you

RUDE Source: Reactiongifs

A distinction must be drawn between the people who never say it ever, and the people who forget in moments of extreme self-absorption. It happens.


ew_online Source: 4shared

We’re not talking about illegal dumping here, but sometimes you have a manky used piece of gum that has nowhere to go but on the underside of a seat. 

Sighing or tutting impatiently

Santana_rolling_her_eyes Source: Nocookie

This is especially rude in these situations: when someone is taking too long with change and bags at a till, when the person in front of you hasn’t moved to fill that tiny gap in the queue within five seconds of its opening, and when someone is flustered at the ATM. 

Talking incessantly about one thing – ourselves

Nathan-Fillion-Loss-For-Words-Reaction-Gif Source: Mrwgifs

“…and that’s how I got my promotion. How are you anyw- oh! I meant to tell you, I’m still not speaking to Deirdre after Saturday night…” 

Tucking in to our food before everyone else has been served

tumblr_lx9qrzgt761qcmcpm Source: Tumblr

Sometimes hunger can completely eclipse table manners. 

Looking people up and down

giphy Source: Giphy

The fastest route to seeming like a totally unpleasant person, however involuntary it may be.  

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