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Love sausages? Here are some ways to make them even better

Put your own spin on the full Irish.

WE’VE GIVEN YOU the low-down on black pudding and the know-how for eggs.

Now it’s the turn of that other star of the fried breakfast – that’s right, that’s right – the humble, noble, essential sausage.

Here is how to make the superbly super-savoury sausage the star of your breakfast. (Try saying THAT three times fast.)

1. Stuffed in stuff

Sausaged stuffed mushrooms. Sausage stuffed jalapenos. Sausage stuffed… potatoes? Yep, you can stuff sausage in spuds. And now that you know you can stuff sausage in potatoes, you can’t NOT do it.

Source: CBC/Recipe here

2. Pigs in a blanket

Sticking with the stuffing theme, “pigs in blankets” are mini little bite-size sausage rolls. Bonus fact: they’re called “kilted sausages” in Scotland. Since sausage rolls are the preserve of hungover breakfast up and down the land, it only makes sense that we try out their daintier little cousin.

For added breakfast power, wrap in rashers.


Source: Annie Mole

3. Sausage pancakes

Pancakes are great, right? And sausages are brilliant, correct? Well, then. HELLO.

Source: plainchicken.com

4. Sausage and egg French toast cups

The best meals involve being able to eat the bowl. And with these French toast, egg and sausage cups, you can.  Perfect for kids – compact, portable, delicious.

Source: ParsleySageSweet

5. Breakfast tostada

The tostada’s origins are in Mexico – who also kindly gave us burritos, tortas, tacos, quesedillas… The list goes on. Tostadas are kind of like the Mexican version of a pizza, in that it’s a meal on top of a crispy base. Anything can top the fried tortilla, but for breakfast, we’d advise sausage in the mix.

Source: jeffreyw

6. Hash brown casserole

Sausage, cheese, potato in a big messy, gooey, gorgeous bake. This is like a more satisfying, rougher version of potatoes dauphinoise. With added SAUSAGES.

Source: TormentedKitchen

7. The Ultimate Sausage Sandwich

The sausage sambo is a delicate artform because it’s often at its best when it’s the most simple – plus, everyone has their distinct preferences when it comes to #sossies. That said, the old classic reliable can definitely benefit from some fancy revamps every now and again. So here are a few suggestions on how to spruce up your sandwich. (And it’s just the tip of the iceberg – let us know in the comments your ultimate sausage/bread delight.)

You could have them basted in marmalade…

Source: Baking and Life

Grilled bread and grana padano…

Source: Renée S. Suen

On a (curveball) cinnamon and raisin bagel with egg and cheese…

Source: Flickr

Split and topped with chimichurri, the Argentinian way…

Source: wallyg

Go forth and breakfast, my friends.

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