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Dublin: 14 °C Saturday 27 May, 2017

Chats - Thursday 25 May, 2017

Chats - Tuesday 23 May, 2017

Dear Fifi: I've come to terms with being gay - but I'm afraid to tell my conservative parents

Is there something on your mind? Resident advice columnist Dear Fifi is here to help.

Chats - Monday 22 May, 2017

These gas retro t-shirts are being snapped up by 90s kids everywhere

Let the world know you love Young Louis Theroux.

Chats - Sunday 21 May, 2017

A look at how Will & Grace changed television for LGBT people forever

A look at how Will & Grace changed television for LGBT people forever

The show that is everyone’s problematic favourite.

The George had a great response to the homophobic, Nazi vandalism on its wall

“No one can dampen our Glittery, Britney Spears lyric filled hearts on days like these…”

Chats - Saturday 20 May, 2017

20 things I thought I'd be able to do by the time I was 25

You mean it all doesn’t just become clear? How rude.

11 twisty, suspenseful novels to read on your holidays

A few page-turners to eat up on your sun lounger.

Women have been sharing the worst examples of mansplaining they've ever encountered

Including dark matter getting explained to a NASA astrophysicist ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Chats - Friday 19 May, 2017

19 things Katy from Fair City has missed out on since being locked up

You’ve been gone a LONG time.

11 things everyone is guilty of doing on Instagram

~All up in that Following tab, creeping on youuu~

Chats - Thursday 18 May, 2017

This guy documented all the things millennials are 'responsible for killing' and it's gas

Won’t somebody please think of the SOAP.

Chats - Wednesday 17 May, 2017

Chats - Tuesday 16 May, 2017

11 essential facts of life for people who really, truly, HATE cooking

Can’t we do something else?

Dear Fifi: I'm a virgin... What if he laughs at me?’s resident agony aunt counsels a woman in her 20s who wants to lose her virginity.

A BBC reporter made a 'lunch hack' and everyone thinks it is the most ridiculous thing ever

You don’t have to eat ham and cheese sandwiches every single day to save money.

Chanel's €1260 branded boomerang is coming in for all sorts of criticism

From pure notions to offending an entire nation.

Harry Styles has won so much praise for his response to questions about his sexuality

“It’s tough to justify somebody having to answer to someone else about stuff like that.”

Chats - Sunday 14 May, 2017

A message to lads with guitars: please stop with your dull covers of rap and R&B songs

We don’t need to hear what No Diggity would sound like on the guitar.

Chats - Saturday 13 May, 2017

People are loving this blogger's explanation of why a Caesarean section is *not* the easy way out

People are loving this blogger's explanation of why a Caesarean section is *not* the easy way out

“It’s like you’ve been hit by a bus, which then backed over you just to make sure it didn’t miss you the first time.”

Chats - Friday 12 May, 2017

12 common American baby names that would simply never work in Ireland

Imagine naming your kid ‘Konner’.

Chats - Thursday 11 May, 2017

Here's why people are giving out about this fatphobic 'chunky dunk' diet planner

“I want to skinny dip, not chunky dunk.”

19 everyday struggles you'll know if you work in an office

They’re mini empires with laws unto themselves.

Chats - Wednesday 10 May, 2017

11 items every woman has in her 'summer wardrobe'

The annual struggle begins.

Dove's new range of 'body positive' body washes is backfiring spectacularly

Finally, a body wash that looks just like me! Body insecurity is over.

Simone Biles had a biting response for a TV host who asked why she wasn't smiling

Please refrain from asking girls to smile.

Why aren't more women on Irish festival lineups?

Is it true that female acts don’t sell tickets?

Chats - Tuesday 9 May, 2017

18 supremely satisfying Twitter putdowns from female celebrities

I ain’t no hollaback girl…

Dear Fifi: My fella is 20 years older than me... do I really need to tell my Dad?’s weekly advice column, brought to you by Dear Fifi.

Chats - Monday 8 May, 2017

Lena Dunham absolutely shot down a magazine claiming to know her 'weight loss tips'

She lists anxiety disorder and it’s resultant nausea as the key to her new look.

Emma Watson accepted the first gender neutral MTV Award and delivered a powerful speech

“It says something about how we perceive the human experience.”

Meet the blogger from Galway who works for Teen Vogue and got to attend the Met Gala

Michaela O’Shaughnessy is living the dream in the Big Apple.

Chats - Sunday 7 May, 2017

This hair salon in Co. Derry has introduced 'gender neutral pricing' and thinks it's high time other salons followed suit

“We believe that the common practice of pricing based on men or women is outdated.”

Chats - Saturday 6 May, 2017

Here's what the cast of Bring It On is up to now

This is not a democracy, it’s a cheerocracy.

Chats - Friday 5 May, 2017

A message to Irish politicians - stop using the phrase 'abortion on demand'

Unless you’re talking about the Horizon Box, stop using the phrase “on demand”.

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