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9 everyday excuses you make to justify your laziness

Someone brought that cake into the office, it’d be rude not to eat it.

IN LIFE, MOST of us know what we should be doing.

We should be eating healthily. We should be exercising.  We should get out of bed on time.

Sometimes we do these things, other times we don’t.  Other times we make excuses.

Excuses like these.

1.  Dinner dishes need to soak

The lie I tell myself every night. - Imgur Source: Imgur

2.  One piece of the washing isn’t quite dry so you can’t put the load away yet

dry Source: Flickr/DailyEdge

3.  You can’t get up unless it’s a multiple of five on your alarm clock…that’s just science

alarm Source: Flickr/DailyEdge

4.  It would be rude of you not to eat the cake that someone has brought to the office

office cake

5.  You can’t go for a run because you haven’t gotten my exercise clothes yet


6.  You’re totally going to eat those leftovers.  They’re not going to get thrown away or anything

Sometimes it just isn't worth it... - Imgur Source: Imgur

7.  If you get in the shower now you won’t have time to get ready so you should just stay in bed a bit longer

shower Source: Flickr/DailyEdge

8.  There’s no point in starting the diet today because you have that big thing at the weekend

fast food Source: Flickr/DailyEdge

9.  It’s raining so you’ll have to take the car to work


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