Dublin: 9 °C Saturday 26 September, 2020

This Herald Scotland headline is the best one you'll see today

They won’t weasel their way out of this one easily.

Marc Almond sees deadly Tainted Love video online, records new vocals

He gives them all a boy could give them.

Meet the Irish rugby team's secret weapon for this weekend's match

He’s more than willing to answer Ireland’s call.

Liam Neeson gives emotional interview about wife Natasha Richardson's death

The actor spoke about his wife’s passing during an interview with CBS’s Anderson Cooper.

Red Bull and Club Orange had a hilarious fight over a woman on Twitter

Some might call it the branding battle of the century.

Here's how Amy Huberman and Bressie will look in next week's Moone Boy

The pair make their debut this Monday night.

Politician tries to censor 'nude' children's book, booksellers strip in protest

You could say they laid bare their concerns.

Jennifer Aniston learning about Windows 95 is the most 90s thing ever

No one told her and Matthew Perry life was going to be this way.

US Olympian finds a 'wolf' wandering around her Sochi hotel

At least that’s what she thinks it is anyway.

This raccoon has human urges to burst bubble wrap

Once they pop, you really just can’t stop.

BBC DJ goes on super grumpy Twitter rant during BRIT Awards

He REALLY didn’t like Arctic Monkeys. At all.

Printer plays outstanding rendition of Eye of the Tiger

It went the distance and now it’s back on its feet.

What the hell is an Irish Cream Kit Kat?

This chocolate mystery MUST be solved.

Jeremy Clarkson's response to this cyclist's Top Gear complaint is priceless

Anyone seen the butter? Mammy says it works wonders on burns.

The mysterious Dublin house has been found... but it's in Belfast

The history buffs on helped solve the architectural mystery within 24 hours.

This woman has gone to extreme lengths to prove Frozen has a 'Gay Agenda'

She’s not concealing her feelings when it comes to the smash hit Disney movie.

Irish dad tells his daughter to get out in spectacular musical meltdown

Gloria Gaynor would be proud.

James Corden lip-syncs and dances through London in this delightful Cadbury ad

It’s a long way from Billericay this lad has come.

Ross O'Carroll Kelly is making a musical about Copper Face Jacks

See yiz for the afters in Coppers on opening night, yeah?

MasterCard's BRIT Award sponsorship backfired spectacularly on Twitter

They got a BRIT of a priceless surprise this morning.

This St Patrick's Day t-shirt has one patriotic grammar fail

The grammar Gardaí have been notified.

Your sneezing cat can predict* the weather

*According to a really old book. Poor Evelyn Cusack.

Did you spot the Irish actor in the massive new Guardians of the Galaxy trailer?

Would’ja look. Sure isn’t that your man from the thing?

Kylie Minogue surprises mega-fan in gym, things get mega awkward

Especially for you is right.

5 classic hip-hop moves you probably cracked out at a teenage disco

Bonus points if you managed to slot some Irish dancing in while you were at it.

Helen Mirren gives the Queen a right telling off* in this brilliant snap

*Well, sort of: It certainly looks like she does anyway.

Panti's inspiring speech about oppression is now a charity single

A music video for the remix of Panti’s Noble Call was uploaded to YouTube over the weekend.

This Benedict Cumberbatch look-alike caused a massive riot on the internet

16-year-old Tyler didn’t realise his similarity to the Sherlock star could cause so much trouble.

These adorable seals had their home destroyed during last week's storms

160km/hr winds flattened Dingle Seal and Wildlife Sanctuary.

U2 sang on a roof 70 storeys above New York for Jimmy Fallon's first Tonight Show

The band took to the roof of Rockerfeller Centre to blast out a tune.

This Australian off licence's "Lick-her Here" sign is rather amusing

You definitely couldn’t walk by without having a gawk.

Birds Eye is launching a new range of hashtag-shaped potatoes

These #tasty #new pot@to treats are made with real spuds.

EastEnders has revealed the truth about that Ballymena GAA jersey

Nancy Carter’s Friday night fashion sparked quite the debate online.

These screaming curlers are the new stars of the Winter Olympics

WARNING: You may want to turn the volume down before hitting the play button.

Man calls 911 because his wife got stuck in her jacket

He didn’t want to ruin the coat by attempting to cut her out of it.

This mysterious giant hedgehog took over a London park this morning

The 7 foot tall creature was definitely hogging the limelight.

Cats puking hairballs to techno music is the oddest thing on the internet

Hairball Techno takes cat videos to new heights.