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# One Direction
The definitive ranking of each One Direction member's first X Factor audition
It’s funny how things ended up.
# masterchef
People on Twitter are very excited to see Gemma Collins on Celebrity MasterChef tonight
This is either going to be very, very good or very, very bad.
# kiki
There's a viral Twitter theory that Drake's new album is all about having an affair with Kim Kardashian
‘Kiki, do you love me?’
# Fashion in Fall
Winter is coming: 8 animal prints under €50 to wear for Autumn/Winter 2018
Snuggle up in snakeskin and look luxurious in leopard.
# Venice Film Festival
A round-up of 7 of the most enviably glamorous looks from the Venice Film Festival
Sequins and sparkles galore.
# Electric Picnic
10 Spice Girls inspired looks to rock at Electric Picnic
Spice up your life.
# Festivals
7 rainjackets under €40 to keep dry for the Sunday of Electric Picnic
Keep dry, folks.
# Mamma Mia
Young Harry, Bill and Sam all went on holidays together after Mamma Mia 2
# luxury airline
Here's why luxury airline YouTube videos should be your next online obsession
It’s hard to believe that some people live like this.
# roar
Here's everything we know about Cecelia Ahern and Nicole Kidman's upcoming female-led TV series
Big Little Lies with an Irish twist?
# Zoey 101
Here's what the cast of Zoey 101 look like now
Quinn looks like she went to NCAD.
# Normal People
Sally Rooney's new novel is getting a TV adaption directed by Lenny Abrahamson
The series will debut on BBC Three.
# Zoey 101
Only A True Zoey 101 Expert Can Score 100% On This Quiz
Do you remember the name of the guy who owned Sushi Rox?
# Will Smith
Here's why Will Smith was photographed working in Boots over the weekend
The Fresh Prince of… the pharmacy?
# Schteak for Two
Which Dáithí Ó Sé Is Your Boyfriend?
It’s time you found out.
# gryffindork
Harry Potter's Tom Felton and Matthew Lewis had a cute reunion on Instagram which fans are loving
Once a Gryffindor, always a Gryffindor.
# to all the boys i've loved before
Here's why everyone's talking about To All The Boys I've Loved Before, your next Netflix must-watch
Because who doesn’t love a teen movie?!
# asmr
8 of the strangest ASMR videos on the internet
You probably think you’ve seen it all on the internet. Think again.
# marty party
The case for following Marty Whelan on Twitter
He has a wonderful appreciation for moustaches,
# you know what you did
So, the cast of The Hills are reuniting at the VMAs for a "big announcement"
Could their be a reunion on the cards?
# Music
Jennifer Lopez is crediting her 'realness' for the noughties Juicy Couture tracksuit trend
J-Lo says she ‘ shocked everyone when I decided to wear it!” – it was simplier times.
# Celtic Tiger Hidden Houses
6 ways of coping with the fact that the Boom is back
Rents are now higher than they were at the height of the Boom and frankly, we’re not able.
# Dermot Bannon
What Percent Dermot Bannon Are You?
The nation’s favourite architect.
# michael mccambridge
We slagged off this guy's outfit from 1983 and he got in touch with us to justify his fashion choices
After 35 years, this was the first time he saw the clip from RTÉ.
# carpool karaoke
Ariana Grande had a Jaws-themed 2nd birthday party where all the kids went home
It’s nothing if not original.
# daily fresh
Lena Dunham shared intimate photos to mark the anniversary of her hysterectomy
‘Happy Giving Birth To Myself Day.’
# Love is in the air
All the clues we missed that Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson were dating
Instagram held the key.
# chris o dowd
Chris O'Dowd told Jimmy Fallon a hilarious story about how he blagged a job in Paris as a teenager
He also explained what GAA was.
# Results Day
Since it's results day, here's a look at some of Phil Lynott's old grades
The Thin Lizzy front-man was actually brilliant at algebra.
# Like I Love You
An important analysis of Justin Timberlake's Like I Love You music video
The video provides an excellent insight into Justin’s love of hats.
# ryan reynolds
Ryan Reynolds and Jimmy Fallon played a vile drinking game together on The Tonight Show
They used Ryan’s own gin brand.
# Domhnall Gleeson
Domhnall Gleeson says Margot Robbie has taught him how to handle public attention
‘It can feel intense and I’m not necessarily good with that.’
# Kim Kardashian
Which Kim Kardashian Era Are You?
We know you’re dying to find out.
# Festivals
O'Hara's Brewery is launching a reusable steel pint cup at an Irish Festival this weekend
Another Love Story is one step closer to being a waste-free festival.
# Back To The Future
The cast of Back to the Future reunited for a photo and Doc Brown might actually be a time traveler
Biff grew up to look like Pat Kenny, somehow.
# the name's elba
Idris Elba is being a right ol' tease about those James Bond rumours
Is he trying to tell us something?
# Norn Iron
Liam Neeson personally hired a waffle truck for the crew of a movie he's filming in Northern Ireland
We do not deserve Liam Neeson.
# Podcast Binge
Why you should be listening to... This Paranormal Life
If you need an alternative to true crime, this is the podcast for you.
# give me a siiiiiiiiign
7 star sign themed products you can buy if you're utterly obsessed with horoscopes
You never know when you’ll need to buy a quick gift!
# Waxing Hell
Just 10 observations we all know too well about the horror of bikini waxes
The hell of it all.