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Dublin: 8 °C Monday 22 January, 2018

Chats - Wednesday 13 December, 2017

Chats - Tuesday 12 December, 2017

The fool-proof guide to getting jammy in social media competitions

“Would love to win this!”

Dear Fifi: How do I adjust to moving to Dublin?

Ho ho ho, Deeeeear Fifi.

Netflix have revealed that someone in the UK has watched Bee Movie 357 times (so far) this year

Was it someone extremely dedicated to memes or a tortured parent?

Are You Unbearably Festive?

We all know one person who takes Christmas to another level.

Chats - Monday 11 December, 2017

16 memes you will relate to if you love to sleep Zzz

16 memes you will relate to if you love to sleep

Can’t talk, sleeping.

8 moments that remind us all how talented Brittany Murphy was

It is now almost eight years since she passed away.

Wish is being criticised for using slim models to advertise plus-size tights in a ridiculous way

A lesson in how to alienate your customers using a few simple images.

Chats - Sunday 10 December, 2017

This video about Irish mobile phone usage in 2006 on RTÉ Archives is peak Celtic Tiger

“A lot of people have one phone for during the week, and another for the weekend.”

13 of the most depressing rental properties in Dublin this month

There isn’t an ounce of Christmas cheer in the Dublin rental market.

18 things you'll know too well if you're always fecking freezing

Oh everyone thinks they’re cold now, but they don’t know the truth.

Chats - Saturday 9 December, 2017

6 apps you need if you're the ultimate procrastinator


9 Irish books that would make excellent Christmas presents

You can’t go wrong with a good book.

Chats - Friday 8 December, 2017

Which Irish School Tour Destination Are You?

It’s high time that our employers start bringing us out on school tours.

Why it's no longer enough for actors like Kate Winslet to play dumb on the Woody Allen issue

“We can’t encourage women to speak up and then block our ears when listening to them proves inconvenient.”

Chats - Thursday 7 December, 2017

Which Minor Simpsons Character Are You?

Just pray you’re not old Gil.

JK Rowling has defended Johnny Depp's casting in the Fantastic Beast films

Fans are unhappy with Depp’s involvement due to the assault allegations made against him by his ex-wife Amber Heard.

Emily Ratajkowski hit back at Piers Morgan after he called her a 'bimbo' over this photo shoot

“I can have opinions about feminism & also do sexy photo shoots k thanks”

Chats - Wednesday 6 December, 2017

Strike 4 Repeal propose a second demonstration if the government does not commit to a 'yes or no' question on abortion

The group organised a successful demonstration earlier this year.

Chats - Tuesday 5 December, 2017

Victoria's Secret could learn a thing or two from this ad for tights using fruit

Because bodywear is for *every* body

Dear Fifi: My mates don't like my boyfriend, what can I do?

Tuesday! It’s Dear Fifi day.

Are These Terrible Song Lyrics Real Or Fake?

These can’t be from real songs… can they?

Chats - Monday 4 December, 2017

From 'House of Cards' to resume production -- without Spacey Spaced Out

'House of Cards' to resume production -- without Spacey

The show’s finale is now set to focus on the character of Claire Underwood, played by Robin Wright.

A deep dive into the issues I have with the movie The Santa Clause

It’s 2017, and CD players *still* don’t dispense hot chocolate and cookies.

Retail workers are sharing the most ridiculous thing they've been asked by a customer in the run-up to Christmas

Thoughts and prayers are with them at this difficult time.

An Australian politician proposed during a same-sex marriage debate and it was a lovely moment

“This debate has been the soundtrack to our relationship.”

Chats - Sunday 3 December, 2017

Irish people aren't a bit happy with the Aer Lingus sketch Saoirse Ronan did on SNL

Why does it always have to come back to potatoes?

Chats - Saturday 2 December, 2017

35 of the most brilliant tweets about last night's Late Late Toy Show

A face mask joke for everyone in the audience.

Chats - Friday 1 December, 2017

Pamela Anderson has been accused of victim blaming following these comments on the Harvey Weinstein scandal

“You know what you’re getting into if you’re going into a hotel room alone.”