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Dublin: 1 °C Tuesday 9 February, 2016

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Tuesday 2 February, 2016

Remember Daniel Bedingfield? Here’s what he looks like now

Yes, he is still alive, thank you very much.

This YouTuber is going viral after getting hit in the face by a flying fish

You could say she was in the wrong plaice at the wrong time. *snigger*

What to watch on TV tonight: Tuesday

Here are the shows that will be on your Twitter timeline this evening.

Teens are ripping open giant teddy bears and climbing inside them to dance

Is this the first bizarre internet trend of 2016?

These lads have perfectly summed up the stages of an Irish funeral

Discussing the quality of the sandwiches.

15 people who don’t give a damn about your ‘rules’

Break the system.

This Wicklow takeaway just invented the ‘breakfast box’ of your dreams

They start delivering this weekend.

Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose are BFFs now, and nobody can cope… it’s The Dredge

That and the rest of the day’s celebrity FILTH inside.

These Sligo ice-creams are so delicious they’ve been named best in the world Wow

Michael Healy Rae’s election version of Hit The Diff is an absolute must-listen

“It’s flat to the mat in his black cap and there’s no time for tae”

This Irish nanny had the most Dublin reaction to the new Snapchat filters

Look at what she’s doing to me Derek…!

Mattress Mick shared the most heartbreaking story on the Humans of Dublin Facebook page

“She’ll always be in that very special place in my heart.”

Monday 1 February, 2016

5 of the best lines from the first episode of Bridget and Eamon

“It’s like children’s allowance day, every day!”

Irish women are sharing their messiest, most honest period stories

Cork author Louise O’Neill has opened the floodgates, so to speak.

10 texts all long-term Irish couples have sent to each other

If you’re looking for romance, you’ve come to the wrong place.

Here’s what went viral today: Monday

We read the internet so you don’t have to.

This story about two kids chatting on a Dublin bus will make you feel super old

Phones with buttons. Why hasn’t anyone thought about that before?

9 things the kids of today will never understand about the internet

The 90s was truly a different time.

What to watch on TV tonight: Monday

Here are the shows that will be on your Twitter timeline this evening.

Ireland’s first ever cat café could be opening in Dublin this year

But they’ll need some help to get them there.

This New Zealand version of the breakfast roll looks so incredible

Suddenly, you are very hungry.

12 very Irish tweets about RTÉ’s Rebellion

It’s all over.

Here’s how one daughter chose to celebrate her parents’ anniversary

Uniting their passions in life.

Sunday 31 January, 2016