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# PS I Love You
It's official: Cecelia Ahern has confirmed she's written the sequel to PS, I Love You
“There she is beside her sister.”
# Fleabag Feminism
Can you relate to Fleabag's Phoebe Waller-Bridge thinking she's a 'bad feminist'?
‘I seem to do things that don’t align with the message.’
# To skip or not to skip
Poll: Where did you draw the line when it came to skipping school?
Speak your truth.
# 20th anniversary
How Much Do You Remember About Cruel Intentions?
It’s been 20 years, people.
# BRB Crying
We asked you which songs always make you cry, and you guys spilled the details
Oh, the feels.
# Shopping Sussed
Why shopping for a new shape needs to be rooted in compassion
It can be such an emotional time.
# The Late Late Show
'Beyond inspiring': Late Late viewers were united in their admiration of Lavinia Kerwick last night
“This guilt and shame does not belong to you.”
# love stories
Why Sharon Horgan's story of 'unrequited love' with a female friend strikes a chord
‘I thought about her all the time.’
# To Me Love Me
So, Demi Lovato sent herself a bouquet of flowers, and we have a question
‘You’re worthy of a happy and healthy life.”
# kylie jenner
Successful isn't synonymous with self-made so why has Kylie Jenner 'earned' that title?
Successful, yes. Self-made, no.
# tv picks
What to watch on TV tonight: Thursday
All the telly you’ll be talking about tomorrow.
# Hozier Does Rush Hour
Hozier busked in a NYC subway station, and people are raging they weren't there to witness it
“Wish I was a rat on that subway station… a mere roach…”
# tv picks
What to watch on TV tonight: Wednesday
All the telly you’ll be talking about tomorrow.
# Feel the Rain on Your Skin
Here's everything we know (and you need to know) about The Hills: New Beginnings
Feel the rain on your skin.
# The Lieutenant of Inishmore
PSA: The Young Offenders' Chris Walley is up for one of the most prestigious awards in theatre
No better man.
# How to Fail
How to Fail with Elizabeth Day is a departure from the 'standard' wellness podcast
Have you tuned in yet?
# Say Cheese
Obsessed With Cheese? Let's Find Out How Many Types You Can Identify
Don’t act like you don’t want to ace it.
# For Better or Worse
We asked you what you'd change about the standard Irish wedding, and here's what you said
Oh, you guys got some stuff off your chest.
# Speak your truth
Poll: How low are your standards when it comes to bra-washing?
‘Fess up.
# First Dates First Shift
Poll: What age were you when you got your first shift?
Go on, tell us.
# Adaptivity and Inclusivity
As Selma Blair calls for more accessible fashion, these are some of the people paving the way
‘You shouldn’t have to sacrifice style.’
# The Babysitters Club
Absolutely everything we know about the revival of The Babysitters Club on Netflix, so far
The time has come.
# first dates ireland
First Dates Ireland viewers couldn't have cared less about Chris forgetting Roseanna's name
‘Oh my God, I’m really insulted.’
# world of celebs
Gaga is thrilled that her and Bradley Cooper's Oscar performance 'fooled' everyone... it's The Dredge
All the celeb dirt we could rake up for you.
# world of celebs
Bradley Cooper's ex-wife would very much like to be excluded from the narrative... it's The Dredge
All the celeb dirt we could rake up for you.
# Thompson vs Lasseter
The 5 questions Emma Thompson asked Skydance are damning in their simplicity
Emma’s letter to Skydance has been made public.
# Sarah and Spanx
Here's why Sarah Hyland's 'Spanx' caption sparked upset on social media yesterday
‘You don’t know the actual struggle.”
# world of celebs
Jordyn Woods' decision to open up on Red Table Talk may massively backfire... it's The Dredge
All the celeb dirt we could rake up for you.
# derry girls
Derry Girls' Nicola Coughlan knew her character was gay six months before her co-stars
“I found out when I very first auditioned.”
# Booze is Poison
Poll: How much do you relate to Chrissy Teigen's 'booze is poison' tweet?
‘I feel like absolute shit.’
# world of celebs
Now Bradley Cooper's ex-wife is getting in on the Gaga/Bradley rumours... it's The Dredge
All the celeb dirt we could rake up for you.
# peep show
Olivia Colman's Academy Award win has Twitter ridiculously nostalgic about Peep Show
‘What a brilliant speech!’
# Behind The Scenes
12 of our favourite behind-the-scenes shots from this year's Academy Awards
Feast your eyes.
# Co-ords
Considering co-ords? Here are 10 of the best the high street has to offer right now
‘For a long time when I thought ‘co-ord’, I thought ‘Clueless’.’
# oscars 2019
Everyone is talking about why Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga's Oscar performance made them uncomfortable
Well, now.
# Iconic Chanel
2009-2019: Remembering 9 of the most iconic Chanel looks of the last decade
Feast your eyes.
# self-care
'It's a work in progress': Georgie Crawford on coping with life after cancer
‘It’s a work in progress.’
# Ciara and Shannon
First Dates Ireland are celebrating their first engagement with Shannon and Ciara
Hope the reception is in the First Dates Restaurant.
# NowForNI
Nicola Coughlan will be participating in a symbolic protest at Westminster next week
‘Let’s do this for women everywhere.’
# Chris O'Dowd
Chris O'Dowd's thoughts on Brexit and Trump are about as Chris O'Dowd as you'd get
‘What a mess yee’ve made of it!’