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# waxy
Benedict Cumberbatch's wax figure is SHOCKINGLY lifelike
Truly uncanny.
# Double-Jobbing
Have you got something to tell us, Benedict Cumberbatch?
Not an pengwing in sight.
# meat dagger
First official picture of Benedict Cumberbatch playing Shakespeare's Richard III
And Moriarty’s doing Shakespeare too.
# pengwings
Listen to Benedict Cumberbatch failing to say 'penguins'
# so wet
Benedict Cumberbatch posed as wet Mr Darcy and the internet is in meltdown
Is everybody OK?
# surelook
Cumberbatch and Freeman lose it in first ever Sherlock outtake
They’re just clueing for looks.
# world of celebs
Someone called Benedict Cumberbatch a c**t at the GQ Awards... it's The Dredge
All the celeb dirt that’s fit to rake.
# his last vow
Sherlock won all the Emmys... and none of them bothered showing up
Well, Cumberbatch and Freeman didn’t anyway.
# the game is on
Benedict Cumberbatch's ice bucket challenge - can he really 'break the internet'?
The Cult of Cumberbatch.
# the imitation game
First look at Benedict Cumberbatch playing genius Alan Turing in new film
Cumberbatch? Check! Computers? Check! Turing? Check!
# surelook
7 very good reasons to love Benedict Cumberbatch
The Sherlock actor turns 38 today, so we must honour him.
# miss me?
BBC One is dropping cryptic hints about Sherlock on Twitter
Spoilers for the last season all up in here.
# surelook
Sherlock came up in today's Junior Cert English exam
The game is on!
# world of celebs
Jason Priestley travelled to Ireland just to shift Andrea Corr! It's The Dredge
And we get to the bottom of the Cumberbatch/Melanie Griffith’s daughter rumours.
# whitey bulger
Benedict Cumberbatch to play Johnny Depp's Irish mobster brother
Depp and Cumberbatch are to play Whitey and Billy Bulger.
# surelook
Irish Sherlock parody is Republic of Telly's finest work yet
We demand a feature length version.
# world of celebs
Benedict Cumberbatch goes dogging... It's The Dredge
Woof. All the best of the day’s celeb dirt.
# Sherlocked
Sherlock struggles with auto-correct in brilliant Norwegian parody
The laughter is elementary.
# cumberbombing
Amazing video of Benedict Cumberbatch plotting his Oscars photobomb
The music from Jaws is a nice touch.
# ellen for president
Ellen's behind the scenes Oscars video with Cumberbatch and J-Law's boobs
Well, almost J-Law’s boobs.
# cumbermeme
Benedict Cumberbatch's amazing photobomb is now unsurprisingly a meme
It’s called Cumberbombing. Duh.
# Get Locky
10 examples of celebs acting the maggot at Vanity Fair's Oscars bash
T’was far from Coppers this lot were raised.
# Sherlocked
This Benedict Cumberbatch look-alike caused a massive riot on the internet
16-year-old Tyler didn’t realise his similarity to the Sherlock star could cause so much trouble.
# counterbatch
Cumberbatch's Sesame Street meeting opens with a big fat Sherlock spoiler
Miss me?
# cumbercrotch
Benedict Cumberbatch wears shorts at the National Television Awards
And the internet explodes.
# national television awards
Sex and the City's Mr Big presents best comedy award to Mrs Brown's Boys
Mrs Brown’s Boys has won big a the National Television Awards in London.
# fall guy
Fans photoshop falling Benedict Cumberbatch into everything you can possibly think of
Who knew Sherlock had so many talents?
# armpit vaginas
13 most unexpected photos from last night's SAG awards
Pulling faces and Tom Hanks selfies…
# the flahavan's way
Sherlock's Moriarty gets a Flahavan's tracksuit on The Late Late Show
Andrew Scott was the little boy in the Flahavan’s ad!
# world of celebs
Shia LaBeouf headbutted someone in a London bar, and there's a video... It's The Dredge
All the best of the day’s celeb filth.
# world of celebs
We know what song Cumberbatch and Fassbender were dancing to... It's The Dredge
Nope, it wasn’t Blurred Lines.
# will he keep the beard?
Michael Fassbender (and his beard) for new Star Wars film?
Sure don’t we already know he has a rather impressive lightsaber?
# mysterious girl
7 things you didn't know about Sherlock's Irish woman
Who is SHE?
# world of celebs
Who gave the finger and said "shit" live at the Golden Globes? It's The Dredge
All the best celeb filth. Duuuurt birds.
# cartoon sherlock
Breaking Bad and Mad Men get the Sherlock treatment
You’d knock the block off cartoon Sherlock.
# alementary
7 staggering similarities between 'drunk Sherlock' and drunk YOU
Some spoilers. Just a few small ones. Worth it though.
# world of celebs
The Dredge: How Victoria Beckham got duped by fake cronuts
RAGE. The very best of the day’s celebrity dirt.
# world of celebs
The Dredge: Harry Styles has had sex with HOW many people?
Surprising. The very best of the day’s celebrity filth.
# cumberbitches
People are NOT happy with Benedict Cumberbatch as Julian Assange
SO conflicted.
# wikileaks film
First trailer for WikiLeaks movie The Fifth Estate is here
Benedict Cumberbatch is looking very Julian Assange.