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Apparently, Wes Nelson loved fame more than he loved Megan Barton Hanson... it's The Dredge
It’s time for your daily dose of dirt.
Chris O'Dowd, Justin Bieber, and Emily Blunt... it's our celeb winners and losers of the week
Some will win, some will lose.
Poll: Do you boycott 'cancelled' artists?
Do you have a clear conscience when you watch or listen to media made by awful people?
Note to Michael Rapaport: You can't dictate how people behave in the wake of personal trauma
“That really offended me.”
Here's the suss on the British influencer drama over new super strict guidelines on #sponcon
The Advertising Standards Authority is clamping down on opaque brand deals.
It's all over for Love Island's Kaz Crossley and Josh Denzel... it's The Dredge
Happy Friday!
Love Island's Alexandra shared the aftermath of her CO2 peel, and it was harrowing
“When you look in the mirror it does make you feel a bit sick.”
A brief review of Justin Bieber's completely sold out new clothing line
Would you pay that kind of money to dress like Justin Bieber?
Pink's husband 'poked the parent police bear' by sharing footage of his daughter with a rifle
“Started her shooting at 3.”
Beyoncé is giving free gig tickets to a fan for life if they go vegan... it's The Dredge
More celebrity dirt than you can shake a stick at.
We've heard from Twitter, but what is Zac Efron's take on Ted Bundy?
‘He was a mass manipulator.’
Chris O'Dowd said he could see Saoirse Ronan as his niece in a Bridesmaids sequel
Saoirse is a die-hard Bridesmaids fan..
Yeah so, Ariana Grande got a tattoo that means 'barbeque grill' in Japanese
Eh, so it looks like Liam Payne and Naomi Campbell might actually be a thing... it's The Dredge
All the celeb dirt we could rake up.
The 'Kate and Meghan rift' narrative has given rise to two abusive online camps
Officials are forced to monitor social media.
What you need to know about James Charles, the teen YouTuber whose meet-and-greet shut down a city
The 19 year-old caused traffic chaos in Birmingham this week.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez blessed the internet by sharing her skincare routine on Instagram
Let’s hope this trend of celebs sharing their skincare routine continues well into 2019.
Megan, please read this breakup advice if you want to get over Wes
You got this girl.
Kendall Jenner and the rest of the Fyre Fest hunz will be subpoenaed over their payments... it's The Dredge
Here’s your RDA of celebrity dirt.
Poll: Were you mortified over Gaga and Bradley Cooper's Las Vegas performance?
Well, that was certainly something.
Here's where you can get a faux-designer harness à la Timothée Chalamet and Michael B Jordan
Is it a harness? Is it a bib?
Gemma Collins faceplanted on Dancing On Ice - but was it faked for the show?
Emily Blunt made John Krasinski cry during her SAG Awards speech... it's The Dredge
Start your week off with a healthy serving of dirt.
What's in my makeup bag? Samantha Mumba
Having a rummage through our favourite faces’ wares.
A quick roundup of WIRED's best Google autocomplete celebrity interviews
If you’re looking to waste some time on Youtube, this is a good starting point.
Boyzone, Saoirse Ronan, and Ed Sheeran... it's our celeb winners and losers of the week
Some will win, some will lose.
Megan and Wes have split up, so their hamster really needs 'space and privacy'
“We are parents, first and foremost, to one incredibly wonderful hamster.”
Irish singer Dermot Kennedy went down an absolute storm on US television
“I was introduced to you last night when watching Colbert.”
Matthew Lewis has actually been reunited with the wallet that contained a love letter
Yes to this.
'It's no surprise Peter Stringer was uncomfortable in his DWTS outfits when people hold attitudes like Megan Barton Hanson's'
Initially, Peter didn’t feel very confident in his DWTS outfits.
Bertie Ahern categorically denied that he's the subject of *that* viral Whatsapp voice-note's The Dredge
Celebrities' refusal to associate with 2016 mental health initiative shows the strides we've since made
‘You don’t talk about it.’
Here are the 16 celeb influencers who have formally committed to transparency on endorsements
‘You should be able to tell as soon as you look at a post if there is some form of payment or reward involved.’
The Daily Mail blamed Meghan Markle for 'droughts, murder and human rights abuses''s The Dredge
Your RDA of celeb dirt.
Celebs are obsessed with putting CBD cream on their feet. But why?
Mandy Moore slathered it on before the Golden Globes.
So, Post Malone is obsessed with this illustrator from Cork
Up the Rebels!
Here are 7 of the movies we were surprised to see left out of this year's Oscar nominations
So, we’re going to just pretend A Quiet Place never happened, are we?
Matthew Lewis told the public they can keep his wallet if they return just one item inside... it's The Dredge
Another day, another load of celeb dirt.
Chris Brown released without charge following Paris rape allegation
Brown was detained on potential charges of aggravated rape in the French capital yesterday.
Poll: Should Bradley Cooper have gotten an Oscar nom for Best Director?
It really *is* hard keeping it hardcore, huh?