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Dublin: 1 °C Friday 24 November, 2017

Monday 20 November, 2017

Russell Simmons reportedly told Terry Crews to give 'a pass' to the agent that sexually assaulted him

Russell Simmons has since been accused of sexually assaulting a minor.

Fans weren't mad about Niall Horan's choice of hat at the American Music Awards

At least he bagged the New Artist of the Year award.

Sunday 19 November, 2017

Can You Score 100% On This Difficult Home Ec Quiz?

Everyone said that Home Ec was just a doss class. They lied.

Saturday 18 November, 2017

Can You Name All Of These Buildings From The Simpsons?

Think you know your way around Springfield?

Friday 17 November, 2017

50 acts that you won't believe played Oxegen in 2011

Sometimes you forget just how good those lineups used to be.

What to watch on TV tonight: Friday

This is the telly everyone will be talking about tomorrow.

Here's everything we know about Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian's lavish wedding

Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé and Anna Wintour were in attendance.

Thursday 16 November, 2017

Could You Have Been A Socialite In The Early 2000s?

Time to find out.

What to watch on TV tonight: Thursday

This is the telly everyone will be talking about tomorrow.

Mel Gibson told Ryan Tubridy that his 'heart goes out to the victims' of sexual harassment in Hollywood

Tubridy asked him to address the fallout from the Weinstein and Spacey allegations.

Here's why students are standing in massive queues outside Galway pubs today

Yes, they’re wearing Christmas jumpers.

Wednesday 15 November, 2017

9 reasons to appreciate X Factor's Mary Byrne

It has been 7 years since we first met Mary on the show.

What to watch on TV tonight: Wednesday

This is the telly everyone will be talking about tomorrow.

Brie Larson is facing backlash for her 'white saviour' role in a movie called Basmati Blues

The movie was filmed in 2013 but is set to release next year.

Cards Against Humanity bought land on the US-Mexico border in an attempt to block Trump's wall

They want to make it as time consuming and expensive as possible for the President.

Sunday 12 November, 2017

13 of the saddest properties that are available to rent in Dublin this month

Why so many of these properties look like the landlords found the furniture in a skip?

It looks like all 5 of the Spice Girls are reuniting to make a new album and a one-off TV special

Maybe The Spice Girls can make the world ok again.

What to watch on TV tonight: Sunday

The TV everyone will be talking about tomorrow.

Kim Kardashian threw a baby shower for herself and it looked unreal

These definitely weren’t decorations from The €2 Shop

Donald Trump got seriously petty after Kim Jong-un called him 'old'

“I try so hard to be his friend.”

Actress Rebel Wilson shared her sexual harassment story in a series of tweets

“If I witness this behaviour, whether it happens to me or someone I know, I will no longer be polite.”

Saturday 11 November, 2017

10 things restaurants do that nobody actually enjoys

Or maybe these are just 10 signs that you’re getting too old.

What to watch on TV tonight: Saturday TV

What to watch on TV tonight: Saturday

The TV everyone will be talking about tomorrow.

A Westlife reunion tour could be on the cards in 2018

Louis Walsh announced that it’s definitely going to happen at some stage.

Noel Gallagher finally explained why his new band-mate plays the scissors

The scissors saga continues.

People are sharing their positive allegations against celebrities on Twitter and they're quite sweet

We need some kind of reminder that there’s still good in the world.

Tommy Tiernan spoke about how far Ireland has come but the country's reaction to Caitlyn Jenner says otherwise

Comments about Jenner on Twitter showed that Ireland is still pretty ignorant.

A Northern Irish man's red chair story horrified everyone on Graham Norton's couch

Of all stories you could go on TV and tell… Why this one?

A takeaway in Tipperary are now selling a wrap that's over 5-foot long

An extension of their old 4-foot wrap.

Friday 10 November, 2017

Gossip Girl actor Ed Westwick says second rape accusation made against him is 'provably untrue'

Provably is actually a word, believe it or not.

The John Lewis Christmas ad has been released and it's sad in a weird way Moz The Monster This post contains a poll

Disney have announced that there's going to be a brand new Star Wars trilogy

“No porgs were available for comment.”

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