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13 very grim properties on the Dublin rental market this March
A shower in a kitchen. Sure, where else would you put it?
# body conditioner
Beauty Q: Do you bother with 'body conditioner'?
Is it just a pointless extra step to add to your routine?
# fillers
Poll: Would you consider getting lip or dermal fillers?
There’s been a few horror stories lately.
# billie eilish
In defence of 'Wish You Were Gay' by Billie Eilish, amid the controversy it's causing
The song was described as ‘a slap in the face’ by those accusing Eilish of ‘queer-baiting’.
# First Dates
A couple on First Dates seemed absolutely destined for each other, but things didn't quite work out
Oh well!
# world of celebs
Naomi Campbell isn't having a bar of those Liam Payne rumours anymore's The Dredge
Come get your celeb dirt.
# international women's day
69 songs by our favourite Irish women: Here's your International Women's Day Spotify playlist
This playlist also happens to be 4 hours 20 minutes long and contains 69 songs.
# dredge
Roxanne Pallett broke her silence for the first time in 8 months to defend Michael Jackson's The Dredge
A good dose of celeb dirt.
# Ryan Tubridy
Ryan Tubridy, Louis Theroux and countless others will stop playing Michael Jackson's music now, but will you?
Leaving Neverland airs on Channel 4 tonight at 9pm.
# across the barricade
All of the highlights from the return of Derry Girls and how the show was received by both fans and critics
# world of celebs
Kate Beckinsale's ex-boyfriend warned Pete Davidson to 'run''s The Dredge
Your RDA of celeb dirt.
# derry girls
How Well Do You Remember Derry Girls?
Brush up before the new episode tonight!
# fillers
A Dublin clinic's latest Insta post is a huge reminder that you should only get lip fillers from a professional
This is not something you should trust a friend of a friend to do.
# dry shampoo
Beauty Q: How often do you use dry shampoo?
Is it strictly for emergencies? Or a part of your routine?
# world of celebs
Kanye West's record contract states that he can never retire (which explains a lot)'s The Dredge
Another day, another load of celeb dirt.
# Music
A roundup of 42 songs you definitely thought were soooo deep when you were younger
What would you do if your son was at home, crying all alone on the bedroom floor ’cause he’s hungry?
# kneecap
Who are KNEECAP? Everything you need to know about the Irish rappers in trouble with both BBC and RTÉ
These lads are pretty proud of their ability to cause controversy.
# Beyoncé
When did Beyoncé become the Beyoncé we know today?
She’s been in the public eye for more than 20 years, but her image has changed drastically in the last decade.
# weekend telly
What to watch on TV this weekend
The telly you’ll be talking about all weekend.
# late late
Everything you missed from the Derry Girls interview if you didn't tune into The Late Late Show
Talk of accents, Donald Trump, being recognised in the United States and their famous mural.
# Carol Bryan
If you've been dreaming of getting fillers, you might reconsider after this week's Late Late Show
Carol Bryan shared her nightmare experience with the procedure.
# de book club
10 books to add to your March reading list
Books to end the first quarter of 2019 on.
# tv picks
What to watch on TV tonight: Friday
All the telly you’ll be chatting about.
# jessie buckley
Ahead of her appearance on tonight's Late Late, here's everything you should know about Jessie Buckley
The actress from Killarney who even Keira Knightley is obsessed with.
# unplug
Poll: Do you think you could go an entire day without your phone?
Or is the FOMO too much?
# jars
How likely is it that Kate Middleton actually drinks Harp? We investigate
A totally non-scientific study, based entirely on Kate’s Wikipedia page.
# zzzzzz
Have we all been duped into sharing beds with our partners?
When you think about it, it is kinda weird.
# Kelly Rowland
Since people are talking about Kelly Rowland and Microsoft Excel yet again, here's what's going on
After seventeen years, Kelly finally explained why she was trying to text on Excel.
# Chrissy Teigen
'Chrissy Teigen finally got fed up with a question interviewers ask John Legend, and she's got a point'
It’s time to start asking John Legend some new questions.
# Zzzzzzzz
Poll: Would you be happy to sleep in a separate bed to your partner while living under the same roof?
Is it revolutionary or does it signal the end of the relationship?
# annie mac
Irish DJ Annie Mac's response to complaints about a song is a reminder that we can't pretend 'we don't see race'
Listeners are responding angrily to Dave’s powerful new single ‘Black’.
# Alan Partridge
Alan Partridge's return to telly was met with mixed reviews... How did you feel about it?
At least it received a 5-star review from The Guardian. Back of the net.
# ldr
We rounded up advice for anybody facing the prospect of a long distance relationship
It’s a scary thought for any couple.
# normani
Keep an eye on... Normani, the former Fifth Harmony star who even Beyoncé was excited to meet
Normani’s debut album should be released by the end of March.
# This Morning
A man who didn't get a job due to 'discrimination' inadvertently demonstrated what white privilege looks like
Viewers on Twitter called the man ‘entitled’ and ‘arrogant’.
# jacqueline wilson
How Well Do You Remember Jacqueline Wilson's Books?
Admit it – you loved the drama as a child.
# tv picks
What to watch on TV this weekend
All of the telly you need to watch this weekend.
# Tattoos
9 tattoo artists based in Ireland who are definitely worth a follow on Instagram
You’ll be dying for your next tattoo in no time.
# Clothes
Poll: Do you think you could stop buying new clothes for a year?
If you don’t want to go vegan, this could be how you do your bit for the environment.
# tv picks
What to watch on TV tonight: Friday
All the telly everybody will be talking about tomorrow.