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Dublin: -4 °C Monday 11 December, 2017

Yesterday’s News

The Ultimate Roddy Doyle Movie Quiz

Do you know your Curleys from your Rabbittes?

This video about Irish mobile phone usage in 2006 on RTÉ Archives is peak Celtic Tiger

“A lot of people have one phone for during the week, and another for the weekend.”

11 celebrities who mortified themselves for that sweet, sweet ad money

Yes, that IS Owen Wilson trying to sell sofas to you before Gogglebox.

13 of the most depressing rental properties in Dublin this month

There isn’t an ounce of Christmas cheer in the Dublin rental market.

18 things you'll know too well if you're always fecking freezing

Oh everyone thinks they’re cold now, but they don’t know the truth.

What's in my makeup bag? Danii Thomas

Having a rummage through some of our favourite faces’ wares.

What to watch on TV tonight: Sunday rounds up the TV shows that you’ll be tweeting about tonight and talking about tomorrow.

Celebrations now contain Milky Way Crispy Rolls

Did we not just suggest this?!

Saturday 9 December, 2017

You Have To Be An Expert On 'The Santa Clause' To Get Over 80% In This Quiz

You basically have to be a member of ELFS to do well here.

8 perfumes to try if you're not *mad* girly

If you’re not feeling like a bed of roses.

9 Irish books that would make excellent Christmas presents

You can’t go wrong with a good book.

What to watch on TV tonight: Saturday

This is the TV everyone will be talking about tomorrow.

This Irish woman flew all the way to Vancouver to give her hungover brother a Lucozade

Well if anyone deserves a World’s Best Sister mug…

Friday 8 December, 2017

Marty Morrissey will take to the floor on the new series of Dancing With The Stars

The full line-up was revealed on tonight’s Late Late Show.

Which Irish School Tour Destination Are You?

It’s high time that our employers start bringing us out on school tours.

Why it's no longer enough for actors like Kate Winslet to play dumb on the Woody Allen issue

“We can’t encourage women to speak up and then block our ears when listening to them proves inconvenient.”

What to watch on TV tonight: Friday

This is the TV everyone will be talking about tomorrow.

Niall Horan told Jimmy Fallon about an Irish night out he had with Ed Sheeran while on tour

Like all good friends, Niall and Ed Sheeran share their clothes.

Tourism Ireland have launched an ad for the new Star Wars film into the stratosphere

They must be really desperate to get people to visit Irish cinemas.

The 16 absolute worst people on Facebook

It’s a garbage fire and we love watching it burn.

Thursday 7 December, 2017

Which Minor Simpsons Character Are You?

Just pray you’re not old Gil.

From Trailer Watch: Which movie should you go see this weekend? Cinema

Trailer Watch: Which movie should you go see this weekend?

What’s a must-watch, and what’s a miss? We tell you.

JK Rowling has defended Johnny Depp's casting in the Fantastic Beast films

Fans are unhappy with Depp’s involvement due to the assault allegations made against him by his ex-wife Amber Heard.

What to watch on TV tonight: Thursday

This is the TV everyone will be talking about tomorrow.

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