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#Skin Deep

# skin-deep - Today’s News

For every girl who spent all her pocket money in Claire's Accessories

Going down to Claire’s, you need anything?

# skin-deep - Tuesday 20 June, 2017

# skin-deep - Thursday 15 June, 2017

Skin Deep: Here's everything you need to know about long false nails

For those with bendy, weak nails.

# skin-deep - Thursday 8 June, 2017

Skin Deep: How to make your blue eyes bluer with very few products

I’m blue, da-ba-dee, da-ba-di…

# skin-deep - Sunday 4 June, 2017

13 shaving/body hair struggles women know all too well

Truly the bane of all our lives.

# skin-deep - Thursday 1 June, 2017

# skin-deep - Sunday 28 May, 2017

Shopping in Penneys: Expectations vs. Reality

Let’s just say it doesn’t always go to plan.

# skin-deep - Friday 26 May, 2017

# skin-deep - Thursday 25 May, 2017

Skin Deep: How to do your makeup when you're a sweaty mess

Stop that makeup from sliding off your face.

# skin-deep - Tuesday 23 May, 2017

# skin-deep - Sunday 21 May, 2017

4 Irish beauty bloggers tell us the products they reach for every day without fail

Time to shout out the hard working products that deserve a little love.

# skin-deep - Thursday 18 May, 2017

Skin Deep: Does bleaching your hair really destroy it?

Spoiler: Yes, it does.

# skin-deep - Saturday 13 May, 2017

Korean beauty products are now popping up in Irish shops - here's why you should get involved

Korea doesn’t mess around when it comes to skin.

# skin-deep - Thursday 11 May, 2017

Skin Deep: You're an eejit if you're not using blush and here's why

You’d probably be better off wearing no makeup instead of skipping blush.

10 fab nude lipsticks you can get for under a tenner

Nude, but not rude to your wallet.

# skin-deep - Monday 8 May, 2017

# skin-deep - Sunday 7 May, 2017

This hair salon in Co. Derry has introduced 'gender neutral pricing' and thinks it's high time other salons followed suit

“We believe that the common practice of pricing based on men or women is outdated.”

Super cheap makeup brand E.l.f. has arrived in Ireland - here are 5 cult products to try

Another great budget makeup option. We’re spoiled rotten.

# skin-deep - Friday 5 May, 2017

18 essential facts of life for oily skinned gals

*blots face on receipt*

# skin-deep - Thursday 4 May, 2017

Skin Deep: How to fake your dream brows when your own are balding at best

They don’t need to look identical. They don’t need to be perfect ticks. You do, however, need to see them.

# skin-deep - Tuesday 2 May, 2017

This build-your-own beauty subscription box is a gamechanger for people who hate surprises

Don’t like Glossybox? Allow us to introduce you to Latest in Beauty.

Hey, magazines: Stop chopping up expensive lipsticks for your photo spreads

It physically HURTS US to see it.

# skin-deep - Thursday 27 April, 2017

Skin Deep: How to get into skincare if you're really lazy like me

Ditch the wipes. Good skincare doesn’t have to be a pain.

# skin-deep - Thursday 20 April, 2017

Skin Deep: How many makeup brushes do you actually need?

Spoiler: It’s probably not as many as you think.

# skin-deep - Thursday 13 April, 2017

Skin Deep: Let's Cut the Crap About Contouring

Do you need twenty five products and seventeen hours to get involved with contouring? Louise has the answers.

# skin-deep - Wednesday 12 April, 2017

10 struggles gals with a fringe will know all too well

*stands under hand dryer trying to fix fringe after getting caught in rain*

# skin-deep - Thursday 6 April, 2017

How to wear red lipstick when you think you're gonna get the shift

Can you successfully smooch wearing a strong lip without smearing it all over your kissing partner’s face? Louise has the answers.

# skin-deep - Tuesday 4 April, 2017

# skin-deep - Sunday 2 April, 2017

# skin-deep - Saturday 1 April, 2017

Here's how I learned you should never underestimate the skills of makeup artists MUA

Here's how I learned you should never underestimate the skills of makeup artists

The finished result is my friend looking the way she does half way through a night out.

# skin-deep - Wednesday 22 March, 2017

Penneys are doing a super cheap version of those coveted 'unicorn makeup brushes'

Because normal makeup brushes are passé.

# skin-deep - Sunday 12 March, 2017

Khloe Kardashian has a full beauty routine for her vagina, and people aren't impressed

She recommends vajacials. Yes, they are exactly what they sound like.

# skin-deep - Saturday 25 February, 2017

18 thoughts we all have while sitting in a towel after the shower

The ultimate act of procrastination.

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